Spain’s TH3CLIMB Released New Single “Over”

Spain’s TH3CLIMB Released New Single “Over” Featuring Mario Lerida Of BOLU2 DEATH

OVER : Feat Mario Lerida of BOLU2 DEATH
: 12/23/2022 


OVER our new Single, the lyrics of this song were born from the hands of an unknown, until a year ago, called Jesus Domingo Acedo Sanchez, an oncology doctor who always had a passion for lyrics, metrics and compositions in his spare time. This letter for him, was that turnaround, those hopes of being able to breathe again, freely once more, after that nightmare, which came like a thief, suddenly, hitting an entire planet, with uncertainties of whether we will return to normality someday. This stranger until then, one day heard a song of ours, by pure chance, and managed to contact us, giving us the honor that we ourselves, were the architects of giving life to those lyrics, written in silence, dressing it with the bars of our music, melody, nuance for OVER come to life, for OVER was that breath of air stolen for almost more than 2 years, of silence, fear, loneliness. This December 23rd, this new single will be released, after a long work, musically worked and produced by the huge RA-TACHE, mastered by THE SOUND OF WOOD studios.

I want to thank Jesús Domingo Acedo Sánchez for giving us such an honor, to RA-TACHE for the incredible work and magic, to all the members of TH3CLIMB but, in this case and especially for this song, to thank Mario Lérida, from the huge band BOLU2 DEATH, for having agreed to be part of this song, with his collaboration, giving it that exquisite and unmistakable touch that carries his name and his band!

THANK YOU ALL FOR ALWAYS BEING THERE … because as I always say ….
We are all part of this Imperfect Circle … Lyca from TH3CLIMB

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