What would Mikko do?

Swallow The Sun Interview

They rose upon the water from the blackest depths of Lumina Aurea, to light the golden torches between the worlds. I rose from my empire of loneliness to listen to the songs of the north.

We met in the middle because love is stronger than death.

I had a chat with Mikko in a midst of interviews and all the madness that precedes the release of a new, much anticipated album.

We played a game to lighten the mood of the descending winters and see


 …in a variety of hypothetical scenarios

What would Mikko do when the shadows force themselves into the light?

Mikko: Damn. That’s tough one. Maybe some beers and celebration?

Lol beer it is then!

Mikko: I love beer

What would Mikko do if he was sitting at a pub, drinking beer and Phil Collins walks in?

Mikko: He’s one of my biggest heroes! Honestly. Going to see him Poland next summer. I would probably pee my pants from excitement!

I knew it! That you are a big fan I mean, not the pants thing.

We laughed.

 What would Mikko choose to sing at a karaoke party?

Mikko: Well, actually I do drunken karaoke sometimes like all Finns. You probably don’t know this one but Topi Sorsakoski & Agents and their song Surujen Kitara.

I will be googling that and karaoking it mychelf as soon as the interview is over 😉

(I actually did look it up. The guitar plays. Plays a sorrow. So quietly… I felt slightly depressed. Swallow the Sun tend to do that to me but it’s the sweet kind of melancholy, the one that you can cure with music and then you go back for more.)

Mikko: Or sometimes I do some HIM songs. Girls like it.

Poison girls yes, I bet they do. Such an underestimated band though.

Mikko: Not in Finland at least.

They are popular indeed but are they taken seriously? Vile has such a wide range but all I hear is “wow look at that pretty face”…a blessing and a curse I suppose 🙂

What would Mikko do if he found a suitcase full of a million dollars?

Mikko: I would travel around the world with some friends. I would probably end up dead fast too.

 Abort plan people, hide the suitcase we need him alive.

What would Mikko do if he had to choose to eat only one food for the rest of his life?

Mikko: Tricky question. I love food so much. Korean BBQ.

Ah, good one!

…and what would Mikko do if there were no consequences for a day?

Mikko: You don’t wanna know 🙂

I’ll take your word for it 🙂

What would you do to leave your ghosts behind?

Mikko: That’s impossible. Some people drink to forget, some do drugs to forget but in the end nothing works. They’re always there

So, just accepting the past then. Sounds the most realistic option actually.

Mikko: That’s about it!

What would Mikko do if he could change one thing about himself?

Mikko: I would go back in time and punch little Mikko and tell him what he shouldn’t do and I would be better. In many ways.

Don’t punch little Mikko. I mean the past is what has turned you into who you are today so…

And what quality of your personality you wouldn’t change for anything in the world?

Mikko: Well I’m what I am, but I’m kind to kind people and wouldn’t change that.

We got to the point where I had to wrap it up, let Mikko head to his next interview. Time flew by. But before I let him go, I had to know how he feels about their new album. At the time there were 3 days to go before the official release and we, at MHF, were so excited and impatient to listen to it, on repeat, over and over again, as we have with all the rest of their albums.

Mikko: Well I’m really excited about the new album. Sounds really fresh but still STS. But who knows what people will think about it. We’ll find out soon.

It’s even a bit more “positive” album from us.

Wow! Positive darkness! I’m sold 🙂

Mikko: Finally there’s some light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s been some dark years.



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