Sydney Metalcore Newcomers BLOODSHOT Release Monstrous New EP ‘Mono Pneuma’


Sydney Metalcore Newcomers Release Monstrous New EP ‘Mono Pneuma’

Syndey Metalcore Newcomers Bloodshot release their debut EP ‘Mono Pneuma’. Drawing influences from Polaris, Northlane and Alpha Wolf, this bold release encompasses the full spectrum of sonic assault with savage riffs, brutal breakdowns and magnetic vocals.  

Masterfully layered in its sharpness and precision, ‘Mono Pneuma’ delivers moments of depth and cleverness that will warrant repeat listens. Vocalist Emad Ghaffar has left no stone unturned in channeling his anguish into gut wrenching melodies sitting atop chainsaw riffs that have defined the djent category, slick melodic guitar leads and off-kilter breakdowns. The lead single ‘The Simulation’ instantly grabs your attention with its cataclysmic heaviness, relentless propulsion and a chant-along chorus. Each track is the perfect encapsulation of Bloodshot’s unique syncopated instrumentation and modal choices that give rise to their raw and menacing soundscapes.

Guitarist Toby Chantharasy speaks: “Despite the brutal grooves and pumping riffs, the meaning behind the lyrics are the most positive and optimistic aspect of this EP. Each track is heavily driven by inspiration from new music in the Australian scene that riled us up and got our blood boiling. Fans will be kept on their toes with the constantly developing nature of this release, sheer amount of energy and attitude it exudes. We are extremely proud to bring this music to life and share it with the world”

Making the most out of covid lockdowns, Bloodshot, put their hearts and minds to bring you an authentic yet destructive body of work to stamp the band’s name on the Heavy Music Scene – they wrapped it in a high production package and delivered it in spades. 


Produced by Bloodshot
Guitars & Vocals tracked by Bloodshot
Drums & Bass tracked by Mark Matula Productions
Mixied & Mastered by Chris Blancato
Filmed & Edited by Colin Jeffs
Photograohy by Corey Nathan
Vendetta Visualiserby Reyne Perry
Artwork by msxvisuals