“That God Never Was”: the sadistic maniac in power becomes the inspiration for a song to be released on September 7th

The track is by Flávio Guarnieri, known for making history in bands like Vespas Mandarinas and Sugar Kane

In contrast to the bizarre demonstrations that will take place on September 7th (we have no other word for something pro-president, given everything we saw in 2020 and 2021), Flávio Guarnieri , known for making history in bands like Vespas Mandarinas and Sugar Kane , revealed on his social networks the title and an excerpt of his next track to be released ‘This God Never Exists’ , with the pseudonym “O Camarada Ordinário” .

The bluegrass-oriented riff and the accelerated vocal line of punk, merge, in a lyric written practically as an outburst in front of everything we see in the news… Amid covid’s CPI, attempt to cash 2 with money that should be acquired the vaccines, or in the face of all the denial, hate speech and propagation of fake news. Given all this we see and are outraged, the track begins with “Um Mito maldito, lídimos antichrist / sadistic maniac / a neo-fascist tyrant” and keeps bringing some of the best adjectives we can have for certainly one of the worst names that ever ruled the country (in this case, the most non-presidential president in history), as “Indigestous, enemy of progress…”.

But beyond these adjectives, talk a little about the type of people who follow him and who, if after all that, still defend him, he cannot protect: “The beast doctrine a moralistic discourse / With false news, inedible lies”.

About this, the composer himself commented that although the track is explicit to those in power, it is also up to those who follow it, share his ideals and are a reflection of his thoughts and attitudes. But the inspiration doesn’t stop only for him, it can go to the former US president, the culture of cancellation and what happened with George Floyd last year, when the track was written and everything we went through, especially in 2020 during the pandemic, before of a lyrical inspiration that Flávio Guarnieri defined as one of the easiest lyrics to have composed, mainly because of everything that is and often remains stuck in the throats of several lucid Brazilians.

How they thought that someone who hasn’t done anything in 28 years would do it in four, I don’t know. But everything he is was present in interviews and television chat: “Sexist, racist, extremist fanatic, regressive autocrat” follows the lyrics, which still complete perhaps the greatest characteristic of each of those who bear his surname “a parasitic worm “.

Bringing a metaphorical title, it can fit many things within what we live, whether in religious issues, fanaticism, the myth around the “myth”… Things we’ve heard about “your God is not the same as the mine”, in addition to lyric questions that can talk about the “God who never existed” being what they expected of whoever is there, or even about the things said in his name and not actually being what religion would preach, for example.

Link to Pre-Save:https://onerpm.link/127216024221

Excerpt from the track:https://www.instagram.com/p/CTUCLXfgIu7/

Genre: Bluegrass Punk

Production, recording and mixing: Flávio Guarnieri. @the ordinary fellow

Mastering: Guilherme Chiappetta. @guilhermechiappetta

Cover art: Bruno Oliveira. @eightart_bruno

Lyric video: Rafael Marreiros. @drocome

Photography: Johnny Macedo