The Cage in your Head new single “A Nightmare You Couldn’t Even Imagine”

Manitoba’s The Cage in your Head drops a scary new single “A Nightmare You Couldn’t Even Imagine” right before Halloween!

A Nightmare You Couldn’t Even Imagine is two dueling personalities with nothing but absolute disdain for one another. Each trying to destroy each other with extreme prejudice. The person living with this battle in their minds and soul is living “A Nightmare You Couldn’t Even Imagine” The single introduces new member of The Cage In Your Head Michael Hinz who is sizzling on lead guitar.

“Expressing how I feel is paramount to my mental health. I’ve always been an artist. As a kid I drew my pictures using my imagination. I never knew what I was going to create until I was done. I create because I have to. For my soul, my well being. I share my pain, my experiences of abuse, loneliness and depression.” Darren Daneliuk

To celebrate the occasion
The Cage in your Head have released this teaser/presave

““A Nightmare You Couldn’t Even Imagine”” is available on all digital platforms


Born from the pain and suffering of the 2020 Pandemic. The Cage in your Head is the tortured sonic noise manifested by extreme dark metal artist Darren Daneliuk. From the cold dark winters of Winnipeg Canada, Darren and co-conspirator, producer and artist David Asher unleashed “A Light to Summon the Dark” in March of 2021. The follow up “Brother of Damien” released in December of 2021 is just as vicious.The new concept album ‘Me, Myself & Hyde’ promises to be the most dynamic and shows growth in the writing and music. About two dueling personalities who just don’t get along and the consequences of sharing a head with voices wishing you to commit suicide. The Cage In Your Head has expanded its members. Mike Hinz joins in and wrote 1/2 of the guitar solos for the album and will be contributing on going forward. An incredible guitar player and soloist. Joshuah Jones from ‘The Obsidian Resurrection’ guest stars on “A Harrowing Decent Into Madness’s” with his bass as well as his writing skills on the music structure of the song. Jasen Bellamy provides the albums final track ‘Only One of Us Walks Away’ This is the first single “A Nightmare You Couldn’t Even Imagine” kicks things off fast and energetic heavy little number. As the human race continues to spiral out of control. The Cage in your Head will continue to document humanities decay via the brutality of frequencies that follow…