THE CASE released cinematic lyric video for new single ‘After You’

Alternative / Garage Rock band THE CASE has released an astonishing brand new single, ‘After You’, accompanied by a cinematic lyric video. After they released two songs from their three-song collaboration with Italian producer Enrico Tiberi, the band released the final chapter of this collab.

The track is born from deeply personal experiences, but the rich lyricism proves to be immediately accessible and effortlessly easy to connect with. That winning combination of authenticity and accessibility makes The Case such a uniquely exciting band.

The boys reckon ‘After you’ “was by far one of our most challenging pieces, mostly due to its complex structure and the myriad of changes we brought to it during the writing process. Also, it’s one of the longest songs we’ve ever written, clocking in at about 5 minutes long.

The Timisoara-based band has fashioned an extraordinary, fizzing new single which can proudly sit on a global stage next to their kind. But the calling card of ‘After You’ is the fragile charm that stands in plain sight among Alfred’s catchy voice, anchoring the song’s theme of love and conflictual state. Sonically, the song leans on a magical rock tune that lets the vocals do the work, and the whole thing comes majestically together in a catchy melody that won’t soon leave your head. 

On their collaboration with Enrico Tiberi, The Case says, “we loved his previous work, which was mostly with hardcore metal bands, and we were always looking for someone that could impart that level of heaviness to some of our songs. After hearing some of his early ideas on the tracks, we knew we had to work with him on this new material.”

But between the Romanian band’s visceral performance, evocative poetry, and raw passion, ‘After You’ hits all the marks for sonic seduction, keeping us yearning for more. The song ensures to fan our inner flames in a more connected, understanding, and alt-rock wonder.

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