THOMAS THUNDER Releases New Single “Paralyzed with Fear”

THOMAS THUNDER Releases New Single “Paralyzed with Fear” feat. Derek Sherinian, Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal and Tony Franklin

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“Paralyzed with Fear” is an epic hard-rock ballad written by 14 year-old prodigious drummer and songwriter Thomas Thunder. The song is an homage to the power rock ballads of the ’80’s. It was inspired by the 1922 horror film Nosferatu, and the relationship between the main female character, her fiancé and the medaling vampire. Guest musicians include Ron Bumblefoot Thal (Sons of Apollo; Guns N’ Roses), Derek Sherinian (Sons of Apollo; Dream Theater), Tony Franklin (The Firm; Jimmy Page) and Echo Deva Picone on vocals.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Thomas on his debut album. I was extremely impressed with his creativity, and use of advanced harmony for a kid his age. I think the future is bright for young Thomas Thunder!”
-Derek Sherinian

“Ive had the pleasure of playing on the soon to be released album of Thomas Thunder. Thomas is a young up and coming musician and he’s a phenomenal drummer. He’s a very intricate songwriter that writes this amazing, crazy stuff that has been so tough to play. I’m on his album along with my Sons of Apollo bandmate Derek Sherinian, and bass player Tony Franklin. So, please check out this album. I hope you enjoy it!”
-Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal

“I was thrilled to play on Thomas’s album, with such an esteemed group of musicians. Thomas is definitely advanced for his years as both a writer and a player. I look forward to seeing how he will evolve as he creates more and more.”
-Tony Franklin

The single is from the album, The Pharaoh’s Temple, that released in September 2021.

The Pharaoh’s Temple Album Teaser:

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“I see my life in terms of music”

A powerful quote by the renowned genius Albert Einstein. This holds true for 14 year old Drummer and Progressive Rock songwriter Thomas Thunder. Barely in his teens, this young musician from Southern New England is here to prove that children can not only perform as a musician, but be a successful songwriter as well. With his intricate Progressive Rock songs that include odd time signatures and unique instrumentation he has captured the attention of fans as well as professional musicians.

Thomas began his journey as a musician when he started drum lessons at age five. He started playing in a performance band by age eight at School of Rock, and it was there that Thomas was inspired to start songwriting himself. At age 10 years old, Thomas released his first single, and he was awarded a prize in the Eventide Theater Songwriting competition. Thomas has also been featured on the British Prog Rock blog, participated in radio and Podcast interviews, and landed the cover of American Pride Magazine. He also has achieved three Number One hits on the independent music chart The Fabchart.

His love of Progressive Rock bands like Sons of Apollo, Dream Theater and Tool permeate his songwriting. In fact, Thomas grabbed the attention of the ‘King of Keyboards’ Derek Sherinian (Sons of Apollo member; ex Dream Theater; Alice Cooper, etc) with his songs. Thomas has written several songs that feature one of his musical idols Derek Sherinian on keyboards. Not only has Derek contributed to Thomas’ songs but has produced them as well.

This superstar collaboration has solidified for Thomas to continue on the path as a musician and songwriter. Becoming a professional musician, performing live, and Prog Rock songwriting are his musical goals. Since age 12, his original music is published on all streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple and Amazon. Thomas also is a member of the high IQ society Mensa.

The future looks bright for Thomas Thunder!

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