Undying Sun – A band to be looked upon

After their first videoclip The Dark Decay has reached more than 1 million and a half views on Youtube, “Where All Begins” is released on June 25th, which is Undying Sun‘s debut album, available digitally on all platforms and in physical format through their  website.

Where All Begins is a concept album that relate a story that passes through all the songs, about a person who strives to fight against the darkness of their mind and the shadows of their life to get up and pursue their goals and dreams after getting lost in overwhelming sadness, pain and despair.


1.Where All Begins
2. Ascending Deception
3. The Dark Decay
4. Signs Of Joy
5. Untended Light
6. Rise Up
7. The Promised Dawn

Luar Shadow Ligth is the singer, composer and creator of Undying Sun and he has captured part of himself in the songs trying to address vital and emotional issues that can affect us all at some point in our lives to shed hope on their overcoming.

The production

Undying Sun appears with a work in which the musical production has been taken care of to the maximum, highlighting both the personality of the voice, as well as the forcefulness of the music and a careful work with the sound, placing it at the height of the great productions of the «Power Metal».

The production of the album has been carried out by a historical producer such as Jesús Yanes (Malú, Alejandro Sanz, Paco de Lucía, Rocío Jurado, Mónica Naranjo, Chayanne, Bisbal, Paulina Rubio, etc.),who besides his name being linked to great solo singers, he also has a long career as a producer and sound engineer for great bands of pop, Rock and “Metal”, among them: Asfalto,  Los Planetas, Australian Blonde, Avulsed, Sacrofobia, Antropomorfia, Hemorage, Spontaenus Combustion, Los Peter Sellers.


In the artist’s own words: «The Power Metal music style changed my life completely, teaching me to love music. It inspired me to become a singer»

After a few years in the high school choir the voice changes of adolescence began. The choir director told him that his tessitura was bass and that he couldn’t be more than bass because it was the voice he was born with and no one can change that. Those words were a great frustration for Luar because his goal was to be able to sing like Tony Kakko. However, he decided not to give up and pursue his dream, so he continued to attend piano and singing classes.

When he finished high school, he entered in “Jesús Yanes’s artists school-Cev”. With 4 years of hard work, effort and dedication, he managed to evolve a lot as a singer and as a person. He managed to overcome his limits and increase his register, at the same time that he was able to acquire a great experience on stage thanks to the numerous performances and concerts performed throughout the formative years, which helped him a lot in his vocal and artistic growth.

Parallel to his training as a singer, Luar dedicates a large part of his time to the composition of his own songs, which, when the time comes, are heard by the producer Jesús Yanes, who, impressed by their quality, decides to sign the young artist to become part of the record company Jesus Yanes Entertainment, with whom his first EP will finally be released.

«My inspiration is that magic that one carries within»

(Luar Shadow Light)