Von Detta ‘Burn It Clean’ Album Review

Von Detta ‘Burn It Clean’

Album Review By Adam McCann

Polder Records/Alternative

Von Detta had been building a stable fanbase through the release of their debut EP ‘Exit Grand Piano’. However, this run would not last and the Belgians were soon looking for a new vocalist to step up to the microphone. Von Detta found this within Manuel Remmerie, a man who soon added his uniqueness to the outfit allowing the band to deliver their debut full length album ‘Burn It Clean’.

‘Burn It Clean’ offers the very sort of change that Mosley to Patton garnered in Faith No More; Von Detta already had the riffs, infectious grooves that cut deep within the album which showcase an excellent set of musicians who know their craft and are not afraid to continue to explore and experiment. Yet, ‘Burn It Clean’ is driven by the raw charisma of Remmerie who sells this album like a fast-paced eccentric confidence man drifting from town to town; it is his unusual and unconventional vocal delivery through a modern production which stands tall in this album allowing the rest of the band to musically stretch themselves beyond the norm that can be seen during the tracks ‘Devil’s Child’ and ‘Masterplan’.

Therefore, what can be seen here are willingly memorable songs that are thoroughly enjoyable. However, this old-school late 80’s, early 90’s delivery may not be to the palette of everyone, but for the fans, there is more than enough here to digest.

Rating : 60/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann