WAKE Release Nightmarish New Music Video: Kana Tevoro

WAKE Release Nightmarish New Music Video: Kana Tevoro

Canadian extreme metal legion WAKE have released a nightmarish and paralyzing official music video for “Kana Tevoro (Kania! Kania)” today via Revolver Magazine. In collaboration with Mitchell Luna (Maruta), the terror inducing new video shows the bands tormented take on Fijian folklore and sleep paralysis. About the track and video, WAKE frontman Kyle Ball comments:

“In Fiji, the experience of sleep paralysis is called Kana Tevoro. When somebody would be experiencing a sleep paralysis episode, they would consider this person possessed by a sleep demon who was eating them and a family member would sit next to the bed and repeat Kania, which means eat, to encourage the demon to eat longer and stick around long enough for the family to talk to it and find out why the demon is possessing this person. I’ve been dealing with sleep paralysis since I was a kid so the folklore surrounding it was really interesting to me.”

WAKE released their monumental new full-length, “Devouring Ruin” on March 27th via Translation Loss Records. “Devouring Ruin” is available now on all formats and digital platforms worldwide.

Devouring Ruin 
Translation Loss Records
March 27, 2019

Canadian metal act WAKE have never stood still musically. Whether with blindingly fast tempos, lacerative metallic riffs or achingly ominous, thunderous doom, the band has never feared bending any musical theme to its will. One constant theme has always held every song together, throughout the band’s decade-long history: pure, depressive void. WAKE push to redefine how expansive and dynamic extreme metal can be.

Devouring Ruin, WAKE’s fourth album and second for Translation Loss Records, sees the band explore the juxtaposition of extreme tempo change, sudden shifts, and collapsing rhythmic and psychological states to challenge genres and standards. Ten songs blend furious blasting chaos with suffocating strained ambience and depressive melodic guitar lines, amidst vocalist Kyle Ball’s dystopic liturgies. “We wrote this album in the most creatively inspired and cohesive headspace we’ve been in as a band“, says drummer, Josh Bueckert. “I think it’s an example of what we are all trying to progress towards musically-making something fresh and unique.”

Devouring Ruin is an open window for listeners to hear the internal ruin that lives within the band. Their personal wounds and self defeat are on clear display; the roaring emotional path that lives within them is heard through fast tempos, melodic bursts, waterfalling leads and black metal riffs – taking you full circle to embrace chaos. The album reflects the band’s personal defeats, and their acceptance to live with the emotional aftermath of their previous albums themes. “Lyrically, Misery Rites was about my self destructive patterns – this is about the ghost of all that I left behind and the wake of self defeat”, comments vocalist Kyle Ball.

It was pretty obvious that everyone was on the same page about what the new material would be like, right from the beginning“, says bassist Ryan Kennedy. “Learning ‘Misery Rites’ was great because it was a record with a lot of great riffs that are assembled really artfully, but there is a more focused effort to make sure the newer material breathed a bit more, and reflected the influences we all have that are a bit more esoteric. We spent more time on arrangement to create longer songs, more layering and a greater attention to detail.

WAKE’s albums have always proudly displayed diversity across the many facets of metal, and Devouring Ruin is the bands most diverse effort yet. From the diffusive, arpeggiated melodies of “Kana Tevora” to the slow, pounding churn of “Torchbearer” to the wretched, horrified sadness that rings out “The Procession”, the band aims at bringing their live ferocity, honed over tens of thousands of miles on the road across North America and Europe, to its finest and most intimidating point on Devouring Ruin.

After releasing their last LP Misery Rites to critical acclaim, and various festival appearances, including the Decibel Metal and Beer Festival, Maryland Deathfest, Southwest Terror Fest, and many more, WAKE carry on in 2020 and beyond – scorning the weak, ignoring the trends, and digging heels into the road.

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Dave Otero at Flatline Audio in Denver, CO September/October 2019.

Guest solo on Mouth of Abolition by Ben Hutcherson (Khemmis, Glacial Tomb).

Art and layout by Alexandre Goulet.

Photos by Mike Wells.

Track listing:
1. Dissolve and Release
2. Kana Tevoro (Kania! Kania!)
3. This Abyssal Plain
4. Elegy
5. Mouth of Abolition
6. Paean
7. Torchbearer
8. In the Lair of the Rat Kings
9. Monuments to Impiety
10. The Procession (Death March to Eternity)

WAKE are:
Rob LaChance – guitar
Kyle Ball – vocals
Arjun Gill – guitar
Josh Bueckert – drums
Ryan Kennedy – bass