WarWolf – Single Out

today sees the release of the first WARWOLF single DAYWALKER. The song proves that NECROPOLIS continues the NWOBHM legacy where IRON MAIDEN stopped in 1985, spiced with WARWOLF DNA.

The WARWOLF rises from the deepest abysses of hell to retaliate for the neglect of broken humankind. Welcome to NECROPOLIS! The band from Cologne is by no means an unknown quantity on the scene. The band arose from the veteran members of well and long known WOLFEN, who were an essential part of the scene for many years with hundreds of concerts and several tours.

WARWOLF concentrates on the foundations of Heavy Metal and present themselves in the finest NWOBHM manner. The musicians’ preferences for IRON MAIDEN are definitely not hidden away. On the contrary – this band expresses and lives their own musical roots and with this motivation they are paying their tribute to 80s Metal to a certain extent.

The musical focus is a conscious step back, a journey back in time to the early decades of heavy music. The attention does not focus on innovation and progress but is fed only by the love for classic Heavy Metal! This enthusiasm is shared by Chris Boltendahl, lead singer of the German Metal institution GRAVE DIGGER. Chris is now in charge as the producer and with this team there are no stylistic doubts left anymore.

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