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Denver-based Black Metal outfit WAYFARER has announced that they’ve signed with Century Media Records! The band brings together trappings of black metal with the Americana stylings of the rugged West. In celebration of the signing, Century Media has re-released the band’s two albums, ‘A Romance With Violence’ and ‘World’s Blood’ on all major digital platforms, with physical re-releases scheduled for next summer (2022).

Speaking on their signing with CM, Wayfarer remarks:
“We are deeply excited to have Wayfarer joining forces with Century Media. As fans of music as well as musicians, all of us came up from a formative age listening to so many seminal releases from artists in their stable. We are honored to have a chance to contribute back to this well, and for this next chapter exploring the furthest frontiers of our own sound – Black Metal of the American West.”

Philipp Schulte, Director and Chief A&R of Century Media comments on the signing as follows:

No other band sounds like WAYFARER. Merging atmospheric black metal and the dramatics of bands like Ulver and Bathory with Americana sounds reveals a level of originality that is second to none. Working with WAYFARER underlines the label’s commitment to strike new paths. We are honored and very excited welcoming WAYFARER to Century Media Records.”

In addition to the signing and upcoming LP re-releases, Wayfarer have shared a LIVE VIDEO from their live performance at the Hi-Hat in Denver in the course of the “Roadburn Redux” festival 2021. The performance is the first of three parts, which will be released over the next three months.

Wayfarer is black metal of the American West.

A deconstruction of both the fury and the beauty of the untamed west through blistering song, Wayfarer present a visceral and uniquely American take on dark music. Brooding and unapologetically genuine, the band reflects the history and the myth of a land soaked in blood.

Drawing as deep from the annals of extreme metal as from the gothic Americana of Colorado, Wayfarer tells their tale with dust-laden riffing, fierce rhythms, harsh bellows, and broken song. Shades of biting black metal carry seamlessly along the paths blazed by Denver Sound folk and ageless cinematic grit – pulling the listener through arcs of high adventure and bleak revelation.

Calling Colorado’s “Queen City of the Plains” home, Wayfarer began a decade ago. Guitarist and vocalist Shane McCarthy formed the band with drummer Isaac Faulk, bassist and vocalist James Hansen, and original guitarist Tanner Rezabek. They would release “Children of the Iron Age” and “Old Souls” in 2014 and 2016 respectively, after which they would replace the departed Rezabek with longtime collaborator Joe Strong-Truscelli. With the line-up then whole, they went on to release the haunting and vicious “World’s Blood” in 2018, ushering in the current chapter in the band’s history.

“A Romance With Violence” sees Wayfarer present their most fully realized effort to date – a searing silver screen requiem for the myth of the west. Through seven harrowing anthems of the high plains, the album paints a poignant exploration of heroes and killers, the setting sun on a romantic era, and the shadow it has cast on the world we live in today.

“As the Iron Horse sow, so shall its riders reap”.

Shane McCarthy – Guitars / Vocals
Isaac Faulk – Drums / Percussion
Jamie Hansen – Bass
Joe Strong-Truscelli – Guitars

Website // Facebook // Instagram // Twitter


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