US alternative trio Westwood established the group’s raw, yet  musically stellar profile with the launch of the formation’s a brand new, electrifying and addicting new single – “Rag Doll”! With its genuine and direct essence, outlined by the intuitively structured and electrifying composition, which provides a homogeneous product that masterfully combines melody and raw aggression, “Rag Doll” appropriately showcases Westwood‘s capabilities to mix sincere emotion and musicianship in the process of generating a product, which can be both appreciated and enjoyed! An accurate representation and summary of Westwood‘s artistic approach, the single is certainly a piece that possesses multiple aspects, which can be appreciated by the alternative audience.

Providing further details about the meaning behind “Rag Doll”Westwood collectively adds:“When we tend to think about our fears, the reasons why we don’t try to pursue the things we love doing, it seems to take the form of a creepy, beat up, possessed rag doll. We can sit here and talk whatever about the characters in these famous horror movies, screaming at them to fight their fear from the very beginning. But in reality, we all have fears just like them that we need to face, whether we like it or not! This song is about fighting your fears head on, and taking all of your energy to defeat the doll-like thing that’s been holding you back from your full potential!”


Disturbingly Good


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