Philadelphia (PA) – Blackened Thrashers WILD BEYOND have partnered with Decibel for the exclusive, pre-release premiere of the band’s s/t debut album. Click below to stream!

The album will be released on CD, vinyl, and digital formats April 14 via Gates of Hell Records. The album features cover art from the acclaimed Adam Burke (ANGEL WITCH, ETERNAL CHAMPION, TEMPLE OF VOID). WILD BEYOND features guitarist/vocalist Edward Gonet (DAEVA, ex-INFERNAL STRONGHOLD), drummer Evan Madden (ex-WOE and WOODS OF YPRES) and bassist/keyboardist/guitarist Jimmy Viola.


“The trio explore the vastness of cosmic black metal with street thrash’s grit and urgency.”

– Decibel

 “Wild Beyond’s music is as epic as it is gritty and thrilling.”

– MetalSucks

“Wild Beyond’s thrashing, riff-forward attack on their eponymous debut exemplifies it as a metal album before anything else. It’s pissed, it moves recklessly, and, most importantly, it riffs.”

– Invisible Oranges

“Prepare for rumbling and ravaging blackened thrash, but much more intricate and unpredictable in its maneuvers than much of what rips and races along under that genre banner.”

– No Clean Singing

“Nihilistic yet illustrated with great wonderment, cacophonic in its greater menace yet gallivanting in high fantasy spirits.”

– Grizzly Butts

“An album with the inclement arrogance of black metal and the rapid light fragmentation of classic speed metal.” (8/10)

– Dargedik Rock Metal Webzine

Wild Beyond reminds me of a blackened version of the early thrash era, where bands simultaneously wrote songs that had direct appeal, but also took the listener on a journey.”

– Wonderbox Metal

“Capable of transporting you into a parallel universe, bordered by black-thrash metal with bewitching and magical hues, able to drill our ears, cementing itself properly, asking us to repeat…from the first to the last song.”

– Italy24

The idea for WILD BEYOND was born in the middle of the Covid lockdown of 2020, when Gonet impulse-purchased a Randy Rhodes Flying V guitar and started composing after five years of not playing. A year later, with songs and riffs under his belt, Gonet was introduced to Viola and Madden through SONJA drummer Grzesiek Czapla. The trio set forth to compose a full-length album pulsing with destructive cosmic majesty and street metal overtones.

“Back in the day, I used to hang flyers around the city to find musicians to play with, and you never knew who would show up at your house,” says Gonet. “There are fucking mutants all over Philadelphia. I didn’t have to do that this time. The band came together rather effortlessly.”

It wasn’t long, either, that the band fell onto the radar of

Gates Of Hell Records.

WILD BEYOND’s sound is influenced by the second wave of Norwegian black metal (DARKTHRONE, IMMORTAL) and early thrash (SLAYER, SODOM), with VADER and BATHORY thrown in for good measure.

“Black metal’s mysteriousness and the allure of darkness and evil made it an easy choice to pair with our love of thrash,” the band says. “We wanted to create a classic black metal record, but we also tend to play like speed demons.”

WILD BEYOND’s full length embodies the hyperactive imaginations, anxieties and aggressions of its personnel. This debut will inspire the metal legions to bang their heads, light ceremonial candles in seance, and summon malevolent forces from BEYOND.

WILD BEYOND speaks to our classic inspirations, but I hope this record sounds like ‘us’ above all,” says Viola. “Eddie’s vocal venom and lyrics are one of a kind. Evan blasts like a battering ram, yet his drum parts are meticulously crafted. And the bass punches through like a frost-covered fist.”

Track Listing:

  1. In the Footsteps of Mars
  2. Detonation of Secret Works
  3. Frenzied at the Skull
  4. Arctic Stargate
  5. Sculpting the Abyss
  6. Antichrist Coronation
  7. Radio Burst Dark Origins
  8. Exit Wounds
Photo Credit: Matthew Decker


Edward Gonet – Guitar/Vocals
Evan Madden – Drums
Jimmy Viola – Bass/Keyboards/Guitar


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