Harakiri For The Sky – Mære

Harakiri For The Sky


AOP Records

Post-Black Metal

FFO: Alcest, Deafheaven, Anomalie

It is no lie, when the term flags up ‘post-metal’ or ‘post-black metal’, in fact, ‘post’ anything, it sends alarm bells ringing throughout the heavy metal community. But, dig below this superficial prejudice and a plethora of bands will be discovered and one of these that have been leading the charge for a long time now are Harakiri for the Sky (HFTS). HTFS have smashed down these barriers, delivering a stream of excellent, critically acclaimed albums and now, the Austrian band are ready to unleash their latest album ‘Mære’

                With ‘Mære’, HFTS push forward with their unique sound as they continue to blend elements of post, prog and black metal together to create a blend of something new. Sure, ‘Mære’ does not sound like anything else, but it is also distinctly HFTS. This is an album that is not afraid to expand into new areas or challenge itself and therefore, ‘Mære’ is a treasure trove of sounds; one which provides the listener with limitless listens as there is always something new to uncover and digest. This means that HFTS have put another album forward which is vibrant with colourful melancholy, but these splashes of colour are not in a block form, they are delivered through a subtle shading and discrete dynamics and it is through these nuanced touches which allow ‘Mære’ to flourish.

                ‘Mære’ is the sound of a band on top form, hell, they don’t even know the lower tiers. This is an album of Champions League standards to which not only fans of HFTS will adore, but furthermore, its continuing fresh approach to the genre will continue to bring in new listeners who may not be familiar with this bands beautiful music and do not be surprised if this album is riding high in many end of year lists in December.

Adam McCann