Dawn Of Ashes
Scars Of The Broken
Artoffact Records
Release : March 18, 2022

The Los Angeles, CA bases Industrial Metal Band “Dawn Of Ashes” will be releasing their new album “Scars Of The Broken” on March 18, 2022. The Title of the album depicts what the album is all about.

Mental Health the serious issue of the society is what the album focus on in the songwriting. Not just about it, it takes darkness and emotions through a new level in their music.

This is also an album for the people who are suffering from Mental health, and Dawn Of Ashes wanted to help these individuals through their music.

The 12 tracked album is deeper into darkness, emotional, powerful and takes the listener into a kind of reflection on their life.

Depression is something that makes you lonely and keep you away from everyone, It’s a kind of disease, we are not alone in this world, It’s a kind of healing through the music that has been offered by Dawn Of Ashes.

The Vocals the powerful one, with amazing industrial metal progression, the orchestration, everything has been kept wonderfully well, and musically engineered and the outcome is just amazing.

Each song that has been put into the album is carved into perfection so that it fits well into the album.

The emotional level of the artist can be felt through each song and also it gives a cinematic effect throughout the album gives you an imaginary vision to you and be a part of this album within you.

This is an album not to say how great it is, but each one of us has to listen and take it in our own way, as it has a thing for every one, Your mind will have a way of listening to this musical awesomeness.

Nothing can equals the emotional level that it takes in this album. It all feels reality listening to it.

Enjoy and help yourself from the message and healing from your inner demons and struggle from Dawn Of Ashes.

Track List:
1. (Descending) Torn Inside
2. Love is Asphyxiation
3. The Despondent Hole
5. Bane of Your Existence
6. (Limbo) Numb
7. It Comes in Waves
8. Heart Beats Cold
9. Turn It Shallow
10. Scars of the Broken
11. The Antidote
12. (Ascending) Catharsis

  • Album - 10/10
  • Songwriting - 9/10
  • Musical Progression - 10/10


Disturbingly Good


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