Little Villains
Battle Of Britain
Spira Records / Sliptrick Records
Out: September 15th, 2022 / January 10th, 2023 (Re-Release)
Playing Time: 35:13

Little Villains have been around since 2006 and one of the founding members was ex-Motörhead drummer Phil Taylor. Only singer and bassist James Childs remains from the original line-up. There have been various line-up changes in all other positions. The debut album “Philthy Lies”, however, was not released until 2019. After that, it was one hit after the other. In 2020, two albums were released at once. And in September 2022, “Battle Of Britain” (label: Spira Records) followed. This brought the trio to the attention of Sliptrick Records. Under the flag of this worldwide operating label, the album was released again in January 2023.

“Messerschmitt”? That was a German aircraft type that was mainly used in the World War II. And that explains the album title. And also the introductory marching music. In the background you can also hear the sound of engines. What follows is Classic Hard Rock. In “Crying Out For More” you think you can hear the beat of artillery fire. A little later, the sound is even more raw. The melodic singing contrasts a little with this. Especially towards the end, the drumming seems very hectic. Also “Butcher Bird” is the name of a German fighter jet. Despite some harmonies, the vocals sound a bit weird. The shrill guitars later do their bit to emphasise the fearful atmosphere during their combat missions. In “Words of Insanity”, you first hear a strong bass line, later the guitar enters, which is played filigree at the beginning, but seems slightly annoying. But then melodic hooks are interspersed. From the middle on, the rhythm could well come from Motörhead. Only the vocals are presented more cleanly. “Boy Next-Door” is very raw Hard Rock with a heavy Punk edge. Also “The Last” reminds a little of the former band of Phil Taylor, who unfortunately has already passed away. The closing song “Spitfire” closes the circle. After all, the use of this aircraft contributed to the victory of the Allied forces in the Air Battle over England, at least in the propaganda of that time. The song sounds accordingly combative. Here, too, I am reminded of Motörhead (“Ace Of Spades”).

The trademark of “Battle Of Britain” is the extremely rough production. Various passages seem unpolished, disharmonious. In part, however, the songs are predictable. This makes for a certain monotony. But that is not much different with some genre greats. On a positive note, there is not a really bad song on the album. And the sound does not glorify the war at all, but also shows the dark sides. Only the cheesy cover is, in my opinion, not appropriate for this serious topic.

Little Villains – Spitfire (Official Music Video):


James Childs – Vocals, Bass
Owen Childs – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Christopher Fielden – Drums, Backing Vocals

Track list:

  • Messerschmitt
  • Crying Out For More
  • Butcher Bird
  • Mush
  • In His Blood
  • Words Of Insanity
  • Boy Next-Door
  • The Last
  • Watching You
  • Spitfire
  • Album - 7/10
  • Cover-Art - 6/10
  • Song Writing - 8/10


Disturbingly Good


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