Lola’s Newfangled Rockers – Lola’s Newfangled Rockers

Lola’s Newfangled Rockers
Lola’s Newfangled Rockers
Out: December 28th, 2022
Playing time: 32:43

Unfortunately, I often receive review requests with very few information about the respective band. This is also the case with the self-titled album by the band Lola’s Newfangled Rockers. Picture material is also often rare. I found the possible band line-up on Youtube, the release date of the album on Amazon. The band members obviously come from different regions of the world. Therefore, the individual soundtracks were not recorded together, but at the respective place of residence of the musicians. These were then sent to drummer Kike Paglia in South America, who then mixed the songs.

On “Happy That You’ve Gone Away” there is a Folk-Rock attitude, also and especially thanks to Lola de Hanna’s voice. After a rocky start, “Stop This War” is a little quieter. With “Hole In My Heart” follows the first ballad of the album, introduced with vocals by the singer. With “I Will Rise Again” the Rock sound of the 2000s shimmers through. This song is also calm, with a catchy melody line. “Where The Warm Wind Blows” is Pop-Rock, also very catchy and easy to sing along to. “The World Just Rocks” is a bit more rocking again. Another ballad follows with “Would You Remember Me”, in which the strings dominate at first. “Beyond The Reaper” exudes the atmosphere of the 70s. A real surprise is the closing song “A Tisket A Tasket Boogie”. Here the title is also the concept. A classic boogie/blues/rock song. As an encore, so to speak, an alternative mix of “Stop This War” ends. I have never been able to do anything with remixes. That doesn’t change here either.

The debut of Lola’s Newfangled Rockers is a respectable album. The songwriting is varied. However, I personally would have liked a more powerful production. The band or the project still has room for improvement.

Lola´s Newfangled Rockers – Stop This War:


Lola de Hanna – Vocals
Kike Paglia – Drums
ChordSlinger – Keyboard
Jezzy Micheals – Bass
Miguel Castellanos – Acoustic Guitar 


Dr. K. – Guitar

Track list:

  • Happy That You’ve Gone Away
  • Stop This War
  • Hole In My Heart
  • I Will Rise Again
  • Where The Warm Wind Blows
  • The World Just Rocks
  • Would You Remember Me
  • Beyond The Reaper
  • A Tisket A Tasket Boogie
  • Stop This War (Alternate Mix)


Overall Rating : 8/10