Souls Extolled – MMXXII

Souls Extolled
January 1, 2022

Souls Extolled Has Brought the awesomeness of 80’s and 90’s Rock To A Brand New Level

Souls Extolled the rock band from Austin, Texas has stormed from the aftermath of Pandemic for the fans to enjoy something amazing.

MMXXII is a fresh offering this year by this amazing band, 12 awesome tracks that cannot be kept under any sub genre’s so I’m just calling it Rock like the good old days.

What does the album offer, It’s the musical awesomeness, the sound it produces is simply outstanding.

It takes a ride from late 70’s, 80’s and 90’s with a touch of Souls Extolled styled musicianship.

It’s Rock N Roll, It’s Grunge, It’ s Alternative, It’s Punk, It’s Acid, It’s music, It’s Rock.

It’s hard to express the sound in words, it has to be experienced.

Each song has its own awesomeness towards it, there is something in each of the song, So sit back and enjoy the album, it don’t sound alike, everything is different and sounds diverse.

The band has done an awesome job yet again by creating something awesome, and likeable and overall enjoyable.

The Band

Zach Black
JP Ortiz
Joe Valadez
Andy Leonard


Sweet Glow
Ride Of My Life
Acid Drop
This Time
Propaganda Song
Dancing In The Light
1K Red Balloons
Fall Into Orbit
Never Like Before
Self Mutilation (Won’t Forget)
Just Dreams
Down To Go

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