to the Metalheads Forever Heavy Rotation Playlist. This is where we sit down and attempt to cram everything we’ve been digesting at our HQ into a monthly playlist for your audio pleasure. Here you’ll find upcoming releases from both new and established bands, as well juicy reissues and celebrated classics. There is a guarantee you’ll find something new to crank up in your daily routine. So sit back, turn it up to 11 and enjoy world metal domination.

01 – Ace of Spades (Live)


Lemmy, Philthy Taylor and Fast Eddie might be gone; but this track shows the classic line-up at their most furious from the upcoming 40th Anniversary Edition of ‘Ace of Spades’.

02 – Another World


It has been nearly four years since Gojira released ‘Magma’, but now the French progressive metallers are back to reclaim their crown with this excellent track.

03 – Backlash Just Because

Napalm Death

The masters of grindcore return to show their imitators just how it is done with this furious track from their upcoming ‘Throes of Joy in the Jaws of Defeatism’. Time to get your Rar! Rar! Rar! On.

04 – Big Ship Little Ship


All comedy and no sustenance but who cares? It is impossible to be down when Alestorm are banging out upbeat silly tunes such as this from their latest album, so grab yourself a bottle of rum, your best pirate voice and get ready for some swashbuckling Scottish style!

05 – Empire of the Blind


A band of quality over quantity and whilst their discography may be thin on the ground, the title track from their upcoming album shows exactly why Heathen are the masters of technical thrash.

06 – End of the Attention Span

Armored Saint

Another band that are returning after nearly 5 years away from the fold with this offering from the October penned ‘Punching the Sky’ album. Can U Deliver? Yes, yes they can, again and again.

07 – Fallen Torches


A thunderous new track with psychedelic touches from metal’s progressive stalwarts complete with long time friend of the band and guest vocalist Scott Kelly of Neurosis fame and you can get your paws on this album of rarities, covers and live takes in September.

08 – London 1666


Graham Bonnet and co are back and they are back with style! They may not be young anymore, but like a fine wine, they’ve aged both tastefully and gracefully.

09 – Keeping Me Alive

Tygers of Pan Tang

This excellent reissue comes packed with some wonderful bonus tracks and shows that these big cats can still pack plenty of bite.

10 – Hear Me Calling

Primal Fear

This may be the album that threatens to spill Primal Fear into the commercial big time and this burning ballad shows that the band are capable of bridging the gap and more with metal so sharp its best to wear gloves when handling.

11 – In the Dawn of the AI

Orden Ogan

It’s been nearly four years since Orden Ogan rode forth with their ‘Gunmen’ album; but the German power metallers have tread into sci-fi for this latest powerful single.

12 – Toys In The Attic


Bobby Blitz. Check. Mike Portnoy. Check. Phil Demmel. Check. Mike Menghi. Check. These guys line up for a foray into their formative years with some all American 70’s rock classics.

13 – Urjotun


It’s good to have Enslaved back and this single shows that the progressive extreme metallers are not afraid to experiment and take chances and bloody hell, it pays off well! Part The Damned, part Bauhaus, all Enslaved.

14 – Misery Rain

Tomorrow’s Rain

Israel’s newest sons assemble an impressive roster of guests for their debut album and this single features Mikko Kotamäki and Fernando Ribeiro to boost it along.

15 – Panther

Pain of Salvation

Living in the upper echelons of progressive rock and metal, Pain of Salvation have always had a habit of hitting the nail on the head and of course, they do it again with ‘Panther’. Take it in and enjoy a band at the top of their game.

16 – Pulse of the Dead

Vicious Rumors

What is a new Vicious Rumors album without a new vocalist? Well, the new kid does exceptionally well here on this excellent new track. Meet the new boss indeed.

17 – In the Name of Violence


The British thrashers are finally back with this new track that plants their flag firmly back in the UK thrash scene.

18 – Rite of Passage


These Little Rock doomsters know how to make the foundations of your house quake and I hope you do the necessary checks and repairs before this album drops in late October.

19 – Room 101


Fans of classic Iron Maiden will love these Swedes as they open a portal back to 1984 with galloping basslines, twin guitars and soaring vocals a plenty.

20 – A Secret Door


The Avatar gimmick may put a few people off, but their blend of melodic death metal, industrial grooves and modern panache shows that these Swedes have stolen the heart of many an unexpecting metal fan.

21 – The Strain


Contemporary virus theme? You betcha! And who better than to explore the microscopic world of the virus than progressive rockers Haken as the UK band deliver yet another excellent album of prog.

22 – Strike Fast, Strike Hard


The thrash on Onslaught’s latest album ‘Generation Antichrist’ is white hot and the anvil is being pounded; Onslaught haven’t sounded this good in years!

23 – Raven

Top of the Mountain

Newcastle’s finest are back and this single from their upcoming album due in September shows that it is going to be a complete blast! Get the Newky’s on ice, we’re goin’ up tha toon!

24 – The Vortex


The UK thrasher’s finally drop their debut studio album and it was worth the wait! If you’re into thrash, use your index finger, click the mouse, go to their bandcamp and buy this album.

25 – Dance of the Necromancer

Dun Ringill

Imagine a doom band. Yes? Imagine Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson getting up to play with that band? Good? That’s the sound of Dun Ringill and this song from their second album shows the band have delivered another masterpiece.


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