“MHF METAL FACT” by Omar Cordova

#10 – Before Cliff Burton Joined Metallica , He was in a band called “Easy Street” with Future Faith No More Members Jim Martin and Mike Bordin.

#09 – If you noticed carefully Morbid Angel’s album titles work their way through the alphabet , Starting with their debut album “Altars Of Madness”, Then “Blessed Are The Sick”, “Covenant”, and so on .

#08 – The little boy on Ozzy Osbourne’s album “Diary Of A Madness” is his son Louis from his first marriage.

#07 – Darkthrone’s Nocturno Culto, and Fenriz both have held steady normal jobs . Culto as a teacher and Fenriz who has been working with norway’s postal service where he has been working for over 2 decades.

#06 – Singer Ronnie James Dio was recommended to Black Sabbath by Ozzy’s future wife and manager , Sharon Arden.

#05 – Rob Zombie’s single “Dragula” was inspired by 60’s show “The Munsters” and a dragster driven by grandpa Munster , Al Lewis.

#04 – Iron Maiden cover artist Derek Riggs inserted secret messages in his artwork for “Powerslave” including mickey mouse and “Indiana Jones Was Here”

#03 – Half of Slayer’s lineup are not natives of United States. Lead singer/bass Tom Araya is from Chile , And Drummer Dave Lombrado is from Cuba , Before immigrating to America and joining other latin musicians to pioneer the 80’s Thrash.

#02 – Anton Crowly , who played on Necrophagia’s 1999 album “Holocausto Del La Morte” was actually ex Pantera singer Phil Anselmo under a Pseudonym for legal reasons.

#01 – After being fired from Cannibal Corpse in 1993 , Bob Rusay who played guitar for Cannibal Corpse went on to become a instructor for an Arizona Golf country club.

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