MHF METAL FACTS III – by Omar Cordova

#10 – Lemmy from Motorhead got his nickname , because he would always ask his buddies to lend him money . he would ask them “Lemmy a fiver.”

#09 – Thrashers from New Jersey have 3 members named tony . Vocalist/Guitarist Tony Portaro, Bassist Tony Bono, And drummer Tony Scaglione.

#08 – Grindcore/Death Metal band Napalm Death got into the Guinness Book Of Records with the song “You Suffer” which was the shortest song to ever be recorded at 1.3 seconds .

#07 – Jonas Akerlund who is widely known in the Metal community for playing drums on Bathory’s First Album , went on to become really successful at being a pop music director. He has worked with artists like Roxette, Robbie Williams, And Madonna.

#06 – Before Nicko Mcbrain became the drummer for Iron Maiden he appeared in their music video “Number Of The Beast” wearing a devil mask while shaking a pitchfork.

#05 – Cryptopsy are often considered to be an importing driving force behind early technical death metal in the 90’s. Their vocalist, Dan Greening is well known in the death metal scene for his intense vocal style.

#04 – Combat Records lost Dave Mustaine’s sketch of Vic Rattlehead, which was going to be used on their album “killing is my business”, But instead they used ketchup and a cheap plastic skull.

#03 – Sepultura from Brazil got their name from the motorhead song “Dancing On Your Grave”. After they translated the lyrics to Portuguese they decided ‘Sepultura’ had a good ring to it.

#02 – Before he became the “Father Of Death Metal” Chuck Schuldiner from ‘Death’ worked a daily daytime job at a taco stand in Florida.

#01 – Back when King Diamond was in Mercyful Fate he obtained a human skull nicknamed ‘Melissa’ from his friend whose father was a surgeon. King Diamond used it on the group’s first album. Melissa was later stolen after a concert and was never seen again.

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