“MHF METAL FACTS IV” by Omar Cordova

#10 – The Song “Darkness Descends” by Dark Angel is about a book character known as ‘The Dark Judges’ from ‘Judge Dredd’ comic book, It also contains their famous statement, “this city is guilty, the crime is life, the sentence is death”

#09 – Goregrind/Death metal band ‘Carcass’ were infamous for their disturbing gory lyrics, so it’s both fitting and ironic that they were all actually vegetarians.

#08 – The cover artwork for Obituary’s “Cause Of Death” album was originally supposed to be for Sepultura’s ‘Beneath The Remain,’ but all was good because Sepultura got their great orange skull cover instead.

#07 – The Infamous album with its brutal album Artwork ‘Eaten back to life,’ by Cannibal corpse was dedicated to a man named ‘Alfred Packer,’ who is regarded as the first ever american cannibal.

#06 – The fan who appears on Pantera’s album ‘Vulgar Display Of Power’ who volunteered to get his face punched for the album cover had to withstand almost 80 punches before the “money shot” was captured.

#05 – The singer Rob Halford used to work at a pornographic movie theater before joining the iconic metal band Judas Priest.

#04 – Jesse Pinato who played for bands like napalm death,Brujeria, and terrorizer is credited for being the first to coin the term “grindcore” in 1983 to describe a musical mixture of “chaos and noise! he was developing at the time.

#03 – Before Varg Vikernes founded ‘Burzum’ and got into a lot of illegal trouble, he was a big time fan of role playing games and J.R.R. Tolkien’s Goblins that he named his first band ‘Uruk-Hai’

#02 – Pete “Commando” Sandoval is widely regarded as “the father of the blast beat”, and one of the fastest drummers in the death metal scene.

#01 – One time Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead tried to do what keith Richard did and get his blood changed, but the doctors said no. They said his blood was so toxic with drugs that normal blood would kill him.

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