by Santtu “Rebel” Kaskela

Another great day about to start, coffee with cream, some cigarettes and of course… FB and it’s metal groups. WTF ?? Don’t I have anything better to do in the mornings than spend my time online instead of maybe reading some newspapers, wishing my family good morning, going out with our dogs, enjoying a wonderful sunny morning etc. Fortunately I’m not the only one… People posting idiotic memes, pictures of musicians, selfies and even some music to listen to. What the fuck has happened ??? Time to think and make some notifications… Right after my breakfast.

First thing to notice… On my way to work, every fucking passenger in this fucking bus just spending some quality time with their cell phones and internet. Just some brainless zombies missing their life. Of course “metalheads” are not like that… We are kind, friendly, open-minded, armed with very high skills in social life… We have to be, internet and some of the most popular memes say that. Tonight after work I’m going to prove it.

Quiet day at work, and as a slave of FB I just love to spend my time online now that I have that chance. Let’s check some metal groups and take a look how civilized conversations metalheads are having since “normal” people don’t know how to. “Any fans of pantera ?”, “Fuck yeah”, “Hell yeah”, “Me me me…”, “\m/ \m/” etc etc. A poor example, let’s take another one… 14 people posting the same song by one of the most famous bands… “Fuck yeah”, “Hell yeah”, “\m/ \m/”, “big fan” etc etc.

Whaaat ??? I’m fucking trying to prove a point here, will You stop doing nothing… Comment, give Your opinion, let’s have a conversation !!! Makes me wonder… This fucking internet is killing meaningful conversations along with people’s social skills.

Stopping by at local pub after work… So cool to see some neighbors, friends and chat while having some beer. Of course nothing serious, just the usual how the government fucks us all. But the point is… No phones, tablets or laptops just a bunch of grumpy and tired men talking to each other. Age thing ?? Older people just used to talking not texting ? Am I a fucking relic like those guys ? Nothing better than to meet Your friends in real life instead of sending messages or liking their statuses in FB.

This should be interesting… Meeting some online friends for the first time in a small event, 5 bands performing. So fucking awesome to meet face to face and have the same kind of little arguments and chats we´ve had in virtual life. A great start, after a few words some of them almost shit in their pants and obviously got scared… “What what what, someone is talking to me, what am I supposed to do now… Go away, let me be, I’ll call my mom !!” Updating their statuses, locations and tagging me in FB. WTF, as I don´t know where the fuck I am right now. Having a few beers usually help in making people happier, relaxed maybe even talk more… Nope. Everyone is even more interested in their pint and cell phone than usual… Taking pictures, videos, hanging online… Just have to ask one question… Why the fuck did You even come here ? You can update Your status, send messages and give thumbs up to stupid memes at home.

Remains to be seen what happens in the very near future… If You ask me, hope we get back in time when the highlight of every day was meeting Your friends… No internet, cell phones etc. You just had to go and meet people or give them a call. We should try that again every once and awhile.

Conclusion: No hope for mankind, not even for those who believe to be “metalheads” (whatever that means)… We don´t know how to talk, interact, share our opinions etc anymore if we´re not online… We’re scared of people and living our life among people.

Santtu “Rebel” Kaskela / MHF

Co-Editor, Web & Graphic Designer and Application Developer, Facebook Groups Senior Admin (@serust) at Metalheads Forever Official


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