Another day about to start with usual morning routines… Oatmeal, coffee with cream, a few cigarettes and as usual FB and “HEAVY AS F…”-metal group(s). Always nice to post “good morning blaa blaa blaa…” to my virtual Friends all around the world, see what’s happened during the night, smile & laugh at “funny” pictures, listen to some music (usually blues in the mornings), and count how many pantera pictures were posted since the last time I was online (about 6 hours)… Was feeling very good until… Saw that one post… “SUPPORT LOCAL BANDS and SMALL VENUES”.

More coffee… Now. Seeing that post with hundreds of “likes” and supporting comments like “I do”, “Always”, “Agree 100%” makes me think, again, the power of social media and groups of mainstream followers have over an individual who just has to agree. Thinking otherwise may cause some serious damage, getting labeled as rebel/hermit/lonely rider who has a mind of his/her own with opinions… Damn.


Remember talking about this subject with several people and with some of my Friends (yes I have those). Almost every time it’s a question of money. WTF ??? Same people who are willing to buy tickets (65 € – 105 €) to see the most famous bands for the 6th or even more time buying shirts (of course every decent metalhead has at least 6 and useless accessories with that band’s name in those tell me 12 € to see 3-5 underground bands for the 1st time is way too expensive. After hearing those excuses for hundreds of times, started actually years ago, I decided to do a little math for myself about 3 months ago… 1 event in one of those small venues in Helsinki… Ticket 15 €, 5 beers, 3 Jack’s, shirt, CD… Total of 85 € (+ 5€ for a hamburger at local grill at 3am)… 7 hours of pure attitude, small group, new Friends, warm atmosphere, the feeling You’re warmly welcomed and appreciated for joining the event, hanging around with the last bands members, even some memories still left… TOTALLY WORTH THE MONEY.

santus-2Sadly the whole point is, as usual… The bar was not even close to “crowded” during the event. Almost everyone present whining about how expensive can a pint of beer be !!! Of course it’s expensive and will be more expensive if no one comes here to the shows. Owner has to pay his staff, the band’s, rent, electricity etc etc. More people means more income and to us means cheaper drinks and a promise we will have more of these events in the future.

Just for You who join the masses with a nice thought of supporting underground, but do nothing to actually support… What will You do and where will You go after the most famous bands stop touring and finally retire and no one organizes concerts filling stadiums and different arenas ?? Where the hell were You when they needed our support ?
Don’t tell me it’s about the money… You drink beer anyway during weekends, how about having 2 less someday and with that money buy that damn ticket.
I know I will miss these opportunities to get to know new bands and their music… And these little bars/clubs/whatever where You meet Your new Friends.

Santtu Kaskela / Metalheads Forever Magazine

Santtu Kaskela

Co-Editor, Web & Graphic Designer and Application Developer, Facebook Groups Senior Admin (@serust) at Metalheads Forever Official


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