6th Lübeck Marzipan Rock Festival

The Hanseatic city of Lübeck, located northeast of Hamburg, can look back on more than 1300 years of history. The city is considered the “mother of the Hanseatic League”. Lübeck is famous among others for the Lübeck marzipan. What could be more natural than naming a rock festival after this sweetie? The Marzipan Rock Festival will be held for the sixth time on April 7th. The event is organized by Franziska Brassat singer of the band No Way. The scene is the Riders Cafe in the southwest of the city.

Most bands of the evening will come from the Hanseatic city. Herr Ludwig play German rock, enriched with a pinch of punk or hard rock. According to the press release, “rocking without mercy” is the life motto of the quartet. Noisegate will be rocking on stage too. Since 2015 they present cover versions. Some years longer No Way are musicaly on the go. This year, the musicians celebrate their 15th anniversary. The repertoire reads like the crème de la crème of rock music, from Deep Purple to AC / DC, Uriah Heep to Hammerfall or Nightwish. Only a few weeks ago, Mean Streak were founded – another cover band, but this time from the Metal sector.

Headliners of the evening are Blind Man’s Gun from neighboring Hamburg. BMG were founded in 2011. The first album with rock singer Nadine “Naddy” Meyer was released in October 2016 entitled “Beyond The Darkness”. In the current lineup, however, they have been playing together since 2017. In April there were also the first concerts with Naddy. I was able to convince myself of live qualities of the band during an energetic show at the Indra in September last year. That was heavy rock at its best. Meanwhile, the musicians are working on new songs. For one of them a video should be shot. The appearance as headliner at the Marzipan Rock Festival should probably be the first highlight of the career so far.

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