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Claymorean By Shadoe Moon

This month we travel to Eastern Europe and land in the country of Serbia. A land rich in history, legends and yes, heavy metal. We make our way to  Lazarevac which is a municipality of the capital Belgrade. Here we find a female fronted band called Claymorean.


The band was founded in 1994 under the name Claymore by Vladimir Garcevic aka Vlad Invictus. After several line-up changes over the first decade, they recorded their debut album ‘’The First Dawn of Sorrow’ in 2003. It was released on a Serbian label called One Records.


After a 9 year hiatus, Vlad gathered together a new line-up. They entered Midnight Studios to begin recording their sophomore release ‘Lament of Victory’ which was released in 2013 on the SoundAge Productions label.

In June 2014, the band name was changed from Claymore to Claymorean. Vlad says it is best to think of it as a completely new band as the sound has changed directions from the Claymore days. Claymorean goes back to the roots of epic power metal, leaving behind keyboards and symphonic elements. They again enter the studio in October 2014. Taking more time in the process, ‘’Unbroken’ is released in 2015 on StormSpell Records.


After a short time, they began the recording process again. In 2017 ‘Sounds from a Dying World’ in released again on StormSpell Records.


As of this moment, the band is made up of Vlad Invictus on guitar, Goran Garcevic on bass, Dejana Betsa Garcevic on vicals and Uros Kovacevic on guitar.


The band manager press contact and booking is handled by Vlad Invictus who can be reached for this purpose at vlad.invictus@gmail.com



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