Metalheads Forever Heavy Rotation May 2019


Welcome back to the Metalheads Forever Heavy Rotation Playlist. This month shows that trad metal is rising back to the forefront of heavy metal music with fantastic releases from Riot City, Mystik and Amulet. We also hammer out new anthems from Amon Amarth, Usurper and Grand Magus whilst appreciating new tracks from up and coming bands like Alase, Autopilot and Sidechain. So, sit back, turn it up loud and enjoy World Metal Domination!

01 – Behold The Crown

After The Burial

After The Burial show they masters of progressive metalcore with this stomping new track.



02 – Riisuttu


After much teasing, the Finnish atmospheric band are ready to finally release their debut album and this track gives a glimpse of what is ahead.



03 – Shield Wall

Amon Amarth

This track from Amon Amarth’s latest album definitely allows you to unleash your inner Viking, raise the shield wall and fight until death!



04 – Burning Hammer


There’s been plenty of trad metal action this month and the second album from Amulet is absolutely an album that can be played loud and sung along to.



05 – Wanderlust


John Arch and Jim Matheos are finally back together for a new album that is yet another masterpiece of progressive metal from the Fates Warning crew.



06 – Concrete Heart

Astral Doors

Astral Doors have once again found their way with this towering power metal anthem. Play It Loud.


07 – Chemical Dependency


Available for the first time since 1987, hardcore Atrophy fans will be able to hear the Arizona thrash band at their most primal with this rereleased demo.


08 – Undisguised


These young Canadians are about to take the plunge into the big leagues with their latest album of grunge tinted indie rock.


09 – One Thousand Years Of Darkness


2019 could well be the year that trad metal breaks into the forefront of heavy metal and the latest Enforcer album is a huge heap of accessibility towards it.



10 – Falling Stars


It’s been far too long since Frijgard last graced us with an album, but the Swiss Pagan black metallers are back with their latest offering.


11 – He Sent Them All To Hel

Grand Magus

Grand Magus once again ride forth from Sweden and plant their flag firmly in the heavy metal soil with this sword waving anthem.


12 – Helio’s Sun


With a new guitarist in tow, Hardline return with possibly the album of their career and ‘Helio’s Sun’ is the perfect example of the fire here.


13 – Exodus

Holy Tide

Holy Tide deliver an album of biblical proportions and this song touches on that famous Moses story.


14 – Gallows Hill


These Swedes belt out an album that owes as much to Helloween as it does to Warlock and in our opinion trad metal has never sounded as good!



15 – Don’t Do It Donnie

Sacred Reich

Sacred Reich are planning on dropping their comeback album very soon and in preparation, we’re hammering this song from their recent split EP.


16 – Horrible Tentacle


The newest release from Sidechain shows that alternative rock is alive and well as these Italians close their eyes and imagine Seattle 1986.


17 – The Tormentor

Tatius Wolff

Tatius Wolff delves deep into the human psyche for this superb song.


18 – The Devil’s Whores

The Black Moriah

After a large lapse of time The Black Moriah are back with this song, a devil may care stomping song that guarantees pedal to the metal .


19 – Bulletproof

The End Machine

Three-quarters of Dokken reunite to release Dokken without Don; colour us impressed with The End Machine.


20 – Mutants Of The Iron Age


Usurper return with this thrashing anthem and memorable chorus, raise those horns!


21 – Bleeding Out


It’s been far too long since Xentrix planted their flag in British thrash metal, but they are back with this excellent offering.


22 – Livin’ Fast

Riot City

Another rousing trad metal anthem, this time courtesy of Riot City, play it loud and make sure your neighbours hear it too!


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