Thundermother – The Revival Tour 2018

By Rainer Kerber

Location: Logo, Hamburg
Date: May 21st, 2018


Just over a year ago, Thundermother founder Filippa Nässil stood there alone. Her four bandmates left the band for various reasons. But as soon the power woman did not give up. She soon found new musicians with Guernica Mancini (voc), Sara Pettersson (bg) and Emlee Johansson (dr). By the summer of the same year the band, that shrunken to a quartet, gave their first concerts in Europe. So, I could already experience Thundermother live at the Metal Hammer Paradise 2017. The pictures of the evening are available on Flickr.

Osaka Rising from Erfurt spontaneously took over the support for the Swedes. A two-man band, just keyboards and drums. But what was that for a gig? I confess, I am Old School and I love the sound of the Hammond organ. And exactly this was to hear for about thirty minutes. And in addition, an amazing drums performance. This was great hard rock in the style of the 60s / 70s.

Set list Osaka Rising:

  • Intro Sirene
  • Fighting
  • Feel Alive
  • Praise The Lord
  • Falling Sun
  • Coming Home
  • Rolling Thunder
  • Rising

In February, the first album released “Thundermother” with a new cast. And this presented the musicians proudly. Eight songs of the evening came from this album. The influence of AC / DC was clearly heard. And to see, the performance of guitarist Filippa Nässil always reminded me of Angus Young. But also the other band members were able to convince completely. The powerful voice of singer Guernica was outstanding, what does this woman have for a soul in her throat. The background vocals of drummer Emlee and the smoky voice of Filippa fit in with that. The mood in the sold-out logo was on the boil, and not just because of the high temperatures. Twice Filippa took a bath in the crowd. Of course, Thundermother had to play an encore.

Set list Thundermother

  • Whatever
  • Cheers
  • Revival
  • Racing On Mainstreet
  • Survival Song
  • Hellevator
  • It’s Just A Tease
  • Shoot To Kill
  • Follow Your Heart
  • Deal With The Devil
  • Quitter
  • FFWF


  • Fire In The Rain
  • Thunderous
  • We Fight For Rock ‘N’ Roll

At the end of the concert fans and band were completely sweating. Thundermother have shown how unspoilt hard rock should sound. I think you can expect a lot from the four girls from Sweden in the next few years. If there was any criticism of this evening, it was the somewhat short playing time of about 75 minutes.

MHF Magazine/Rainer Kerber


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