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Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith Clement the Head of the Magazine, how are you doing today?

Hey Keith! 

I’m doing fine thanks for asking! I’m really happy about the release of Remission and all the positive feedback we’ve got!

Remission EP is scheduled to be out on May 13, can you tell me about the songwriting and production behind this EP?

The original Plan was to release a double album. But due to several line-up changes during the pandemic I changed the plan to release in total 2 EP’s and one Full-Length album. Remission is the first part of this Trilogy. We did that because it was difficult to plan a longer recording session during and between the several Lockdowns here in Austria.

The songs on Remission are the newest of the planned Trilogy and were written from January-March 2021.

Is there any concept on this 3 tracked EP?

The concept behind Remission deals with the complicated relationship with my father and his slow death cause of dementia and all the questions I had that will never be answered. The Songs basically are a dialogue between him and myself.

I still have a lot of unanswered questions and they will probably never be answered. So, I have to create my own answers. I’m groping in the dark and I keep finding small fragments of light and I let myself be inspired by them. 

It is also the beginning of a trilogy, can you tell me about this?

Almost a year after my father died, I had a serious accident that almost killed me.

I have had multiple cardiac arrests and my near-death experience was the most intense experience of my life. This will be the concept of our new Album.

The Songs are written, the demos are finished and we start the recording in our own new recording studio this summer. I’m really looking forward to this new chapter.

From a solo project to a full band now, how does it feel to work with the entire band now?

It was difficult. In the past I didn’t felt comfortable. I often worked with musicians that were not compatible with the vision I had. Not only on a musical level but also on a human level. I am very happy to have found Jan, Philip, David and Markus. When there is mutual trust and respect then it just feels right to work with these people that I call my friends. I’m very excited to see how the work on our new album will go with this Line-Up. It’s going to be huge.

Any release day plans on May 13?

We spent a cozy evening in our studio and jammed. Nothing spectacular except having a good time with friends.

How are the touring plans for this year?

We’re playing a show on June 8th in Vienna. This will be the premiere of our new Line-Up and our EP. We’re planning some shows for summer and fall/winter this year. But I think our focus is on recording new music.

Can you tell me a bit about how BOG was formed and how has the road been so far?

BOG was a One-Man-Project to me in the beginning. I didn’t plan this as a band. After I sended some demos to friends they were encouraging me to write more and also try to find members to play live. This was in 2014 and we had our first gig in 2016. The first two EP’s were released in 2014 (EP Gustave) and 2015 (Auguste) In 2017 we released Unshriven, our first full length album. Since then we played live and Remission is the first release since then. It was a bumpy ride but also a very intense and instructive time.

What would be the biggest dreams?

To stay in good health. Mentally and physically to be able to make music for as long as possible while meeting the most interesting people.

Would you like to share some big moments that you had since the start?

Great moments are relative. We’re are a small band and sometimes we’re happy when we play in front of at least 20 people. But the greatest moments for me were when, for example, four of our fans traveled over four hours by car just to see us live. I didn’t knew them before. Situations like these feeling really great!

We also had some shows with bands that I really love, like The Black Heart Rebellion, Wiegedood and le_mol. Those were my highlights. And yes, there are always those small, moments when I think to myself “that’s exactly why I’m doing this”.

It’s the art of modesty.

Finally, what would be the message for the fans?

Take care of each other, smash the patriarchy and stand up for the good things in life. 

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The Band

BOG (2022) are: 
Vocals: Markus Langer
Guitar, Vocals: Tim Primbs
Guitar, Synth: Jan Slonski
Bass: David Wilczkowski
Drums: Philip Poizner

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