Interview With Cenobite

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith Clement, the editorial head, how are you today?

Hey! I will answer on behalf of the band. My name is Kostek Dolganov (bass, vocals, music and concept). We’re healthy and full of strength in spite of everything!

In 2020 you put up your debut full length album “Dark Dimension” can you tell me a bit about the songwriting and production behind the album?

It so happened that I’m not only yelling and playing guitar and bass, but also producing and engineering in my own studio. Therefore, we composed the songs and made their demos, we easily learned them with the rest of the guys and then recorded. There was nothing special about the work on the album, except that we were not limited in time and ideas. The studio is ours, there are no contracts – do what you want and as much as you want.

What was the concept behind the album?

The main idea is that one form of life was taught that all other forms of life, as well as itself, should be destroyed. This is the cunning plan of the lord of the labyrinth and dark dimension. The musical component must be appropriate — destructive.

An amazing Death metal music from you guys, how has the reception and feedback for the album so far?

Some people like it, others not. It’s normal. You will not please everyone, and we are not going to. The main thing is that WE like this music. We like to play it live, these shows are very invigorating.

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What are the next plans for the band?

We’re getting ready to record a new album and really want to visit the whole planet with concerts.

Can you tell me how Cenobite was formed?

It started with the idea of making a loud, nasty project, across the Hellraiser universe. I started writing music and looking for musicians who would help me with the recording. The rest of the members wished to release this abomination on the stage. I didn’t resist. 

With two Eps and one album now, how do you feel the musical journey been for you so long?

So far we feel like newbies and we have something to sing about and something to show. One EP, demo and an album are just the beginning.

Can you tell me how the Russian metal scene been and how supportive is metal bands getting in Russia?

The metal scene in Russia is based exclusively on enthusiasts and appreciaters of this direction of music. Complete underground and DIY. We do everything ourselves, metalheads don’t have any management. But the scene is there. Clubs, bands, audience. And that is awesome!

What would the global plans for the band?

Once all these idiotic concert and travel restrictions are over, we want to tour the world with the shows. In the very near future we will go into the studio to work on a new album. The material on it will be faster than before, but we will try not to lose the heaviness. Of course, we want to shoot videos. But making a good video, and even a conceptual one, is difficult on your own.

Would you be doing more experimentation in death metal in the future?

Of course, it’s boring without experiments!

Finally, what would be the message for the fans and death metal fraternity?

Keep going to concerts and support your favorite and just good bands! It’s good for your health… mental! And we, in turn, will try to make music that will beat the shit out of you! 

Cenobite are:

Konstantin ‘Kostek Redneck’ Dolganov – Bass, Vocals

Andrey Andriyanov – Drums

Pavel Isakov – Guitars

Sergey ‘Necrom’ Philippov – Guitars (2019-present)

Experience The “Dark Dimension” On YouTube