Interview With Danish Melodic Hard Rockers “Meridian”

Let’s go back to the 80s. Back then, there were no style boundaries. You were either into heavy metal rock or you were not. Bands like Scorpions, Pretty Maids, W.A.S.P. or TNT gathered a legion of loyal fans around them looking for the thrill of screaming guitars and epic melodies. More than fans, we were family. The heavy rock family. 

Many bands have, since then, tried to capture the feeling of those days. Many have failed miserably, but others have succeeded to give us a glimpse of that golden era. Among the latter, the Danish collective MERIDIAN is one of the most brilliant. They’ve been shaping their sound in three studio albums since 2013 and even in an unapologetic covers EP where they showed their diversity of influences. But now it’s time for a whole different ball game. Enter “The 4th Dimension”. 

It was my pleasure to have Peter Bruun & Klaus on the Interview to talk on The 4th Dimension and much more, Check out these amazing band and the below Interview on its complete coverage.

“The Fourth Dimension” tracklist:

1. Warning Shots
2. Life Is Today
3. Stay
4. Follow Your Heart
5. Trust
6. Dreamers
7. Say That You Want Me
8. The Road Back To Hell
9. Remove Your Crown
10. The Fourth Dimension

Music Videos

The Band

Lars Märker: vocals
Martin J. Andersen: lead and rhythm guitars 
Marco Angioni: lead and rhythm guitars 
Peter Bruun: bass
Klaus Agerbo: drums 

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