Interview With Italy’s “The Modern Age Slavery”

Emerging amidst a sea of deathcore, Italy’s THE MODERN AGE SLAVERY separated themselves from the rest with their visceral sense of the genre. Coming equipped with grinding blast beats, merciless brutal vocals and slaughtering rapid-fire double bass patterns their sound developed and became increasingly unique over time.

Since forming in 2007, THE MODERN AGE SLAVERY have triumphed over their challenges. After the release of their demo, which was nominated “Demo of the Month” in Rock Hard Germany, they got signed to Napalm Records for the release of the debut album “Damned To Blindness” (2008).

As of today, armed with the finest record of their career and hungry for the return to the live circuit, THE MODERN AGE SLAVERY are enjoying that kind of impetus which just the unswerving dedicated are endowed with. With their newalbum “1901 | The First Mother”, which was out on May 5, 2023.

It was my pleasure to have the frontman Giovanni to talk on the new album and much more, Check out the complete coverage on the below YouTube video.

01. Pro Patria Mori 03:56
02. KLLD 02:52
03. Irradiate All The Earth 03:25
04. The Hip 03:14
05. Lilibeth 04:19
06. Overture To Silence 03:47
07. OXYgen 03:55
08. Nytric 03:47
09. Victoria’s Death 01:24
10. The Age Of Great Men 04:06
11. Blind (KORN cover) 03:11

The Band

Giovanni Berselli – vocals
Mirco Bennati – Bass
Luca Cocconi – Guitars
Ludovico Cioffi – Guitars
Federico Leone – Drums

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