Interview With Marcus Eitzenberger Of Dwarf Metal Band “Baruk Khazad”

Charging first on every field looking for battle is Marcus

((ex Cryonic and Charlie Shred)) with his Sharp Axe ((Lead Guitar)). He is the master of warcries ((Lead Vocals)) and his voice pierces the night. Craving blood on every swing cutting through any mix of enemies only the sharpest axe is good enough for him. Still no armor have withstood the first swing of Marcus Sharp Axe as he sets the tone for every war anthem and the melody for every feast!

Gold is the debut album of the world heaviest dwarf metal band Baruk Khazad. With their roots in northern sweden the band has previously released two Eps. “Axes, Beards and Mead” which has been re-recorded with the new vocalist to be included on this album and ” Hidden In Runes” included as bonus tracks in their current form. After 14 years of crafting epic dwarf metal anthems about warfare, mining and mead drinking the full length with album with 7 previously unreleased tracks has finally arrived!

It was a great pleasure to have Marcus to talk on the debut album “Gold” which was out on May 26, 2023 and the long road of awesomeness, Check out the complete coverage on the below YouTube video.

  1. Gold
  2. Narag Zaram
  3. Chug Your Mead
  4. War of the Three Hammers
  5. Bombs Are Great
  6. Gorog
  7. Elf Slaughter March
  8. Uzbad Taragbund
  9. Hazkal
  10. The Oath of Moradin
  11. Hidden in Runes
  12. Khazad Aimenu
  13. The Arkenstone

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