Interview With Swedish Power Metallers “Rexoria”

Swedish power metal band Rexoria have a new, heavy yet pristine offering, ‘Imperial Dawn’. With several European tours under their belts, these melodic hard rockers have become masters of the catchy and complex, melding folk influences and hard rock with skill.

REXORIA’s third album, “Imperial Dawn,” elevates their sound to new levels!

Strong melodies, heavy riffs and exciting keyboards makes “Imperial Dawn” an album impossible to sit still to.

The album was mixed by Stefan Hellblad from Within Temptation and mastered by Thomas “Plec” Johansson.

The album contains a wide spectrum of songs ranging from new electronic hard rock to emotional folk inspired songs, so there is something for everyone on this album.

REXORIA has preciously done several European tours and has played with bands such as Battle Beast, Bloodbound, Dynazty, Hardcore Superstar and Raubtier to name a few.

It was my pleasure to have a wonderful chat with Frida Ohlin (Vocals,Keyboard), Jonas Gustavsson (Bass) & Martin Gustavsson (Drums) to talk on the album Imperial Dawn, which was out on February 3, 2023. Check out these awesome guys on the below YouTube Video for the complete coverage of the Interview.

The New Revolution
Devous Desire
Rage And Madness
Fading Rose
Light Up the Sky
Set Me On Fire
Crushing For More
Enchanted Island

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Frida Ohlin – Vocals & Keyboard
Jonas Gustavsson – Bass
Cristofer Svensson – Guitars
Martin Gustavsson – Drums

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