Interview With WoR

WoR is a groove metal band from Raleigh, North Carolina consisting of vocalist Bobby Demoss, guitarists Ben Kaiser and David Nisoff, bassist Phillip Funderburk, and drummer Dylan Jenkins. WoR was founded in
2018 by guitarist Ben Kaiser who at the time was finishing his college football career playing offensive line at NC State. WoR’s music combines aggressive riffs, harmonic leads, and tasteful breakdowns with infectious anti-authoritarian lyics. Demoss’ unique screaming style combined with aggressive guitar work and a dynamic rhythm section shape WoR’s definitive sound.

Mid 2020 see the debut album “Prisoners” by WoR, a massive powerful album, ever since the start the band has been on raging fire entertaining fans and metalheads in US and around the world. Recently they headlined with Rob Zombie, Lamb of God and some of the big names in the metal industry.

It was my pleasure to talk to the guys, check out the below YouTube video for the complete coverage


  1. Kill You
  2. Caged
  3. VI Kings
  4. Sirens
  5. A Place To Die
  6. Predator
  7. T.G.S.O.A.T
  8. Come Out And Play
  9. Hiraeth
  10. Freedom Suicide

Music Videos

The Band

Bobby – Vocals
Ben – Guitars
David – Guitars
Phil – Bass
Dylan – Drums