Coronatus – The Eminence Of Nature Album Review

Coronatus – The Eminence Of Nature

Album Review By Rainer Kerber

They adhere strictly to the biennial rhythm – the South German Symphonic Metal band Coronatus. After “Raben im Herz” (2015) and “Secrets Of Nature” (2017), the ninth studio album “The Eminence Of Nature” was released at the end of November. Again, at Massacre Records. So, everything with the old one would like to mean. Yes and no. This time there was another line-up change at Coronatus. After the final departure of Carmen R. Lorch, the soprano voice was sung by Katharina G. Mann. The proportion of male vocals (Teddy Nadj) has been increased. And on the guitar Jörn Langenfeld is a newcomer. However, the team of producers from Markus Stock and the only remaining founding member Mats Kurth is well established. Like its predecessor, “The Eminence Of Nature” is a concept album about nature. This time it is among others for nature and climate protection, but also for the nature of the north.

What was already hinted at “Secrets Of Nature” can be heard here as well. Coronatus often add folk elements to their sound. The violin playing by Kristina Jülich takes care of that. She has become a fixture in the band. Clearly heard at the opening song “No Planet B”. The whole thing is reinforced by acoustic guitars. Right at the beginning you can also see that the soprano Katharina G. Mann is a full replacement. I also like the voice a bit better. The rocking vocals of Mareike Makosch are also a perfect match. For “Midsommar” you could already preview a video. Here Teddy Nadj takes over essential parts of the lead vocals. A song to which you can swing the dance leg. In addition to the fiddle, flutes can also be heard here. In the video you can see a happy, boozy midsummer party. It goes also a bit heavier, like “S.O.P.” (with a lot of bombastic orchestra) or “The Wilderness Of The North” (with big choruses). A resting point is set by the ballad “Echo Of Souls”. Mareike and Teddy sing here in a duet, and invite you to dream, accompanied by violin playing. “The Place I Love” is more reminiscent of former Coronatus – with a female double tip on the microphone. After dancing folk rocker “Human Mania” and the similar Pirate Metal style song “Set Sail To North” Coronatus have another surprise in store. At “9000 Years Ago” mastermind Mats Kurth was inspired by Manowar guitar riffs. Maybe that’s why I like this song best. A big metal anthem to the conclusion.

First, it is striking that “The Eminence Of Nature” were sung entirely in English. So, some of the earlier German lyrics seemed a bit contrived. This should probably be addressed to the international audience. Although there is to hear a greater musical variety here than on the predecessor, it acts as a unified whole. The songwriting is more mature than in earlier works. Coronatus seem to have finally found their sound, somewhere in the intersection between, rock, metal and folk. In the review of “Secrets Of Nature” I had wished more live presence of the band. Maybe it works this time.

CORONATUS – Midsommar:



Mareike Makosch – Vocals
Katharina G. Mann – Vocals (Soprano)
Teddy Nadj – Vocals
Kristina Jülich – Violin
Jörn Langenfeld – Guitars
Markus Stock – Bass (Session)
Mats Kurth – Drums


Mareike Makosch – Vocals
Katharina G. Mann – Vocals (Soprano)
Teddy Nadj – Vocals
Kristina Jülich – Violin
Jörn Langenfeld – Guitars
Bertram Oeler – Bass
Mats Kurth – Drums

Label: Massacre Records

Out: November 29th, 2019

Playing time: 39:08

Track list:

  • No Planet B
  • Midsommar
  • O.P.
  • The Wilderness Of The North
  • Echo Of Souls
  • The Place I Love
  • Human Mania
  • Set Sail To North
  • 9000 Years Ago

Rating : 8/10

MHF Magazine/Rainer Kerber