Desert – Interview & Review

Desert – Interview & Review

By Zohar Belkin

  1. Prologue

FORTUNE FAVORS THE BRAVE is 50 minutes of pure war metal, with adrenalin-fueled riffs, nasty distorted keyboards and fist-raising, sing-along choruses. Inspired by heroic deeds of war, the songs are the perfect soundtrack for battle!
Still, the album is dynamic, with atmosphere-building moments, just like silence builds tension before the storm.

  1. Fortune Favors the Brave

Listening to the album “Fortune Favors the Brave” was an experience that is absent from the local metal scene in Israel. The so-called “War Metal” plays their own genre of

Power / Heavy metal. With great keyboard sounds alongside slicing guitar solos, they forged a strong melodic line for one of the best Power / Heavy Metal albums of 2019.

Alexei’s singing is brilliant and brings the spirits of the songs to the listeners, and while I’ve listened to this album, I really felt that I am part of the motives that was sang about in the songs of the album.

The lyrics tell the story of the soldiers that was sang about, and the album cover is brilliant – it represents well the concept of the album.

I give this album a solid 10 out of 10, It has been long since I’ve listened to a Power Metal album that did not made me tired through half the album.

  1. DESERT members – Questions


  • How did the band change over the years? What is the main change in the central musical stream?Everything got better over the years. We learned a lot, we created our own and known sound and kept it live despite the changes in everything else. The writing and composing method have been changed, now it’s 3-4 people were working on the writing and composing at the same time in studio. We took a rough sketch and turned to complete song. The sound has changed and got heavier and beefy. The guitar work turned to be more sophisticated and complicated with heavier sound and technique. Generally, we went thru starting as a traditional style of metal to a modern one, from simplicity to complexity, from lightness to darkness and heaviness, from homemade to top level production, thanks to Alex Zvulun and A.G. Studio.

  • What stands behind FORTUNE FAVORS THE BRAVE songs?

A story. Every song has a story. Stories about persons or events that we found interesting enough to tell our fans about it. Mostly, persons who are not afraid to try, persons with courage to change things and desire for freedom. The main theme is the confrontation of the few against many, or even single persons against the stronger and bigger force.

  • Tell us about the band members – what are their connection to the battlefield. And why choosing these motives as the main lyrical theme?

Most of the band members served the IDF and part of the were even an officer. Some of us even have a battlefield experience. But this is not the main reason for taking the theme for our songs. Alexei is a big history fan, the battle history, and he is the main lyric writer in the band. So generally, we sing about it since the day one back in the 2002, when almost no one even did it. Way before the known bands who are doing it these days.

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