DISINTER (US Death Metal) present new video “Demolition of the Mind”

Chicago Death Metal veterans DISINTER released their new official video for the track “Demolition of the Mind” taken from the compilation album “Demolition“, out via Pest Records last year. Watch “Demolition of the Mind

The song itself is about brutal headaches, which guitarist Mike LeGros has suffered through life with, which what seems like forever. He has been a chronic sufferer of intense tremendous painful muscle tension, and stress headaches, around the shoulder neck and skull areas from years of repetitive motion due to work. “And from banging my fuckin head and thrashin my brains out for the last 40 years” says Mike

So the sufferer is approached by Dr. Misery, and the good Doctor renders the sufferer immobile. This all takes place in an abandoned medical facility. The steel death bed lies waiting for the sufferer, where the the pain is distributed. One blow at a time, pummeling, unrelenting, uncaring! Demolish the mind, destroy the will to live! Misery will not stop till the last and final blow is dealt out to the sufferer. Crowning his carnage with barbed wire, crowned in misery, on the table of torture, bleeding, dying, gasping, begging… to die.

“We had a blast making our first official music video, splicing band performances filmed in our rehearsal room, with footage of a scene filmed at an abandoned medical facility in the downtown medical district of Chicago. The scene depicts the sufferer being dragged into an operating room, by Dr Misery, whose prescription is torture pain and suffering. While the band band pummels and rages through the song, going from darkened room to a white, blinding light, pain immersed blood drenched frenzy. The pain and suffering is administered to the the sufferer by the doctor of dread!” says Mike Le Gros.

Video voncept by Mike LeGros/DISINTER
Directed by Vito Marchese/Mike LeGros 
Filmed and edited by Marchese/LeGros 

Order Demolitionhttps://pestrecords.bandcamp.com/album/disinter-demolition

Demolition Tracklist:
01. Demolition of the Mind
02. Dead Inside
03. Disinter
04. Red Queen
05. The Hell We’ve Become
06. Demonic Portraiture
07. Reanimate the Ravenous
08. The Curse of Eternal Night
09. Breaker of Bones

Casey Loving: Vocals
Mike Le Gros: Guitars
Michael “Bats” Martocci: Guitars
Jon Billman: Bass
Max Colunga: Drums