German slamming death metallers Necrotted release powerful new single / video

German death metal powerhouse Necrotted stream powerful new single ‘Reich der Gier’ 

‘Reich der Gier’ video streaming now

German slamming death metallers Necrotted have unveiled their politically charged, dark new track ‘Reich der Gier’, along with a powerful music video.

Watch the video to ‘Reich der Gier’ here:

An experimental mix of brutal death metal with elements of black metal, ‘Reich der Gier’ is grindingly heavy with a threatening atmosphere; a perfect platform for the song’s message, which is sung in both English and German.

The band comment: “With ‘Reich Der Gier’ we want to present another experimental single, in which we pushed our musical limits further, using elements of intensive black metal combined with merciless brutality of death metal, to create a very unique, vicious experience.

“This threatening atmosphere supports the message – sung in both English and German – about the immanent system of striving for money, power, and more recently data, as well as the boundless greed of mankind.”

‘Reich Der Gier’ was recorded by Jeff Uhlmann of Defocus and mixed and mastered by  BjörnFrommberger of Acranius, with the music video produced by Sio Motion.

Fast, brutal, slamming, with a distinct message in their music: Necrotted from southern Germany are a bearer of hope for modern death metal. 

Founded in 2008, the band from Abtsgmünd (Baden-Wuerttemberg) boast four full-length albums Anchors Apart (2012), Utopia 2.0 (2014), Worldwide Warfare (2017) and Operation: Mental Castration(2021), as well as two EPs Kingdom Of Hades (2010) and Die For Something Worthwhile (2019). The quintet have also earned a reputation as a ferocious live act, with extensive international touring alongsideI Declare WarHackneyedCytotoxinAcraniusOsiahParasite Inc, and supported many big names including HatebreedKataklysmHeaven Shall BurnDying Fetus and Obituary.

Sweeping melodic guitar riffs combined with blaring blastbeats and stomping slam are the foundation of Necrotted‘s intense sound. This supports they deeply guttural and high-pitched peircing vocals, that deliver the band’s deep conceptional lyrics.

2023 promises to be a huge year for Necrotted, stay tuned for more news.

Necrotted are:
Fabian Fink – vocals
Markus Braun – drums 
Philipp Fink – guitar
Johannes Wolf – guitar
Koray Saglam – bass

Necrotted online:
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