Hallows Die Release Lyric Video For “Blue Nine”

In the wake of the long-awaited Masks LP, Hallows Die is invading the public consciousness with Blue Nine, written, compiled and rendered in-house by members of the band. This step-by-step, word-by-word guide to bypassing the feeble defenses of the psyche – drawing heavily from the wondrous world of William Gibson’s Sprawl – carves a core-sample from the zeitgeist. Each distressing line and disjointed image is an abstract snapshot of the world’s ongoing struggle with an increasingly frightening and bizarre stream of mishaps and disasters; the big picture that they paint is photorealistically bleak and distressing.

While it was written before the current phase of catastrophe, the images and words of Blue Nine fit the current culture of calamity just as tightly as they did the unfocused terror in which they formed. The world’s a scary place; jam some Blue Nine into your ventral stream and Take back your brain!