HEADSPAWN criticizes Brazilian government neglect in their new single!

Style: Groove Metal
From: Joao Pessoa, Paraiba, Brazil

Brazilian Groove Metal band from Joao Pessoa, Paraiba, HEADSPAWN, recently released “Worhtless Piece Of Shit (Live)”, third single taken from their forthcoming new EP “Pretty Ugly People Live”, recorded live, but without an audience due to the restrictions brought on by the pandemic. With audio production once again, the responsibility of Victor Hugo Targino (Cangaço, Forahneo, Omago) and video by Jobson Andrade, the band energetically and cohesively simulated what is to come from now on when the shows return for real.

“Worthless Piece Of Shit”, third and penultimate single from the forthcoming new EP “Pretty Ugly People Live” was released on February 4th and is a track that talks about the situation of poverty or extreme poverty that a quarter of the Brazilian population suffers hungry, unemployed and without government support, all made worse by the country’s disastrous conduct during the pandemic time. The reasons why Brazil plunged into this situation will never be known, so, showing all the musicians’ dissatisfaction, they directed the theme of this track to all representatives of the extreme right, politicians and unscrupulous religious leaders – aka guilty – who are killing the suffering Brazilian people.

Watch “Satan Goss (Live)” at: https://youtu.be/ObJudkBWip4
Listen to “Satan Goss (Live)” at: https://spoti.fi/3feOYEj

The band comments: “In a very intimate way, we gave our best in this presentation, even without the audience due to all the restrictions. Rest assured that on stages with live shows, the energy of the audience will further increase our synergy!”

And speaking of stages, the band played their debut in-person show on January 15th, at 5 pm, at the General Store, in Joao Pessoa, Paraiba, Brazil

At the moment, the trio is also in pre-production for their full long-awaited album, which will feature 8 completely new tracks and is expected to be released this year.

“Pretty Ugly People Live” tracklist is:

“Satan Goss (Live)”

“Worthless Piece Of Shit (Live)”

“Voices (Live)” (próximo lançamento)

“Satellite (Live)”

Recorded at Estudio A2MG (@produtora_a2mg)
Audio Production by Victor Hugo Targino (@vhtargino)
Video Production by Jobson Andrade (@jobs.films)

“Heavy, well composed, organic and modern!!”
 (Fabio Miloch – Metal Na Lata)

“We have here a very cohesive and heavy work, with excellent alternation between clean and guttural vocals, a beautiful modern and cadenced riffs and, mainly, we noticed a band with great potential to become a reference in the Groove Metal style in Brazil” (Emerson Mordien – EM Music Management/Heavy Metal Online)

“Too dreamy! A lot of influence from Sepultura from the Max Cavalera’s phase, with a polished and very well done production, great timbres, mixing, weight, creative riffs, remarkable and powerful vocals. The band is really as good as they say!” (Johnny Moraes – Warrel Dane/Hevilan)

“Sound with a lot of energy and at the same time melody, which is a combination that if not well composed and thought out, sometimes doesn’t work, but with the guys at Headspawn it worked very well and the passage from pre-chorus to chorus in this music clearly shows this. Lots of influence from Sepultura and even more modern things like Gojira. Congratulations Headspawn, keep it up! Long live Brazilian Metal!” (Leandro Caçoilo – Viper)

“Modern sound with a lot of attitude and built on an overwhelming weight. The bass lines, although simple, show an atmosphere that brings us back to masters of the instrument, such as Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath) and DD. Verni (Overkill ). Very good musical taste that comes to silence those who do not believe in this formula.” (Fabio Reis – Mundo Metal)

More information:

That the Brazilian Northeast has been producing great Rock/Metal bands in the last three decades is no secret or news for anyone, and the Power Trio from Joao Pessoa (Paraiba) HEADSPAWN is a great example of this! “Pretty Ugly People”, their debut EP, released this year on all streaming platformst, features 4 vigorous author tracks full of groove, weight, energy, melody, harmony and a whole lot of punch with no frills or labels. Covering themes such as schizophrenia, social degeneration and the chaotic national political scene, their sound captures furiously and melancholically several influences from renowned bands, such as the power and heaviness of Machine Head and Slipknot, combined with harmonies reminiscing of Alice In Chains and Stone Sour.


Alf Cantalice – Vocals/Guitars
J.P. Cordeiro – Bass
Marconi Jr. – Drums

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Picture by Rafael Passos