Interview With Derrick Green Of Sepultura

Interview With Derrick Green Of Sepultura

By Keith Clement

Greetings from MHF, how are you today Derrick?

Fantastic Keith, So far so good, I’m very excited to be at home In Los Angeles, I’m in vacation with my family, now i’m ready for work.


Quadra is scheduled to release on Feb 7, 2020, what are your thoughts on the upcoming album?

Very excited about the release of Quadra, we’ve been working on it for quite sometime, lot of time in the writing process, to make sure we have everything we wanted in the album, we were very focused, we pushed ourselves in many different ways, we created a very epic album from the beginning to the very end, For us it’s a very proud work that we’ve done and we are looking forward to the release date Feb 7, followed up with tours all around the world. First one will be in North America.


What is the concept behind Quadrivium?

The idea came from Andreas Kisser, he read the the book called Quadrivium, Its about numbers and element and about 4, It’s all about powerful music and stuff and number 4 is all about that, so we used that to create for the album name Quadra, “Quadra” in Portuguese means Plain field, we can do anything, we can play game, each person is born into some Quadra a plain area,which will abide you by some laws and rules from where you were born, Lot of times people don’t question this rules and laws, we wanted to deeply into it and question them, we think Quadra is necessary for people to survive.

How is it feel to work with Jens Bogren again?

It was fantastic and very easy to work with him, I think and the band thinks we need to work more with him, Machine Messiah was fantastic, We pushed our boundaries beyond we can imagine, We feel we can do more great with him and we felt it’s the best for us to work with him. We were so comfortable working.


How has the journey with Sepultura been for you?

It has been unbelievable story and and unbelievable journey, I never imagined, its been 22 years, I learned so much, process of touring and meeting different people, and the band itself is quite an experience, everytime we play or travel its always something new, Its an unbelievable story, always have been a lot of work and lots of fun, mixed proportions some are unexplainable, I would change everything, ever aspect that has happened to the band


What was the hardest thing you ever faced in Sepultura?

The only difficult thing is to be away from family, that is probably the difficult aspect for being in this band, travel so much, its great people understand that two different things and makes it easier.


What are the plans for the band?

It would be great to go and play for people who never had the chance to meet us, but there are obstacles, but I would love to go, and would like to go again to India, the first time was so fantastic to be in India, I would love to have a chance to come back again there, there is still other places we would like to go, that we haven’t touched yet, if the offers come and if it is doable and definitely we will do it. We are up for the challenge and want to go and do for the fans.

What was the most exciting thing that happened for you?

Apart from Sepultura I do a TV show called Highway to health, I don’ t eat meat, I haven’t taken meat for 33 years and this is something I want to talk about, We talk about plant based life style,not eating animals, even using animal products, and future how people can be connected more with nature, change the planet and changing the lifestyle a little bit, its something im very passionate about., I want to take this all over the world and talk about this concept. To open the mind of people who never even thought about that.


How music started in your life and how you got  into metal ?

My mother is a music teacher that is the big one for me, I Was also in a choir in Junior high school, my junior hight school teacher found that I had a very deep voice, I went to hardcore punk show at that time which really changed my mind, I Wanted to start a band with heavy music, I love the energy and the scene, at the age of 14 I started my own band, I got addicted to the heavy music, but  it all developed from my mother being a music teacher.


Message for the fans?

I want everyone to definitely check the new album Quadra the new Sepultura album coming up on Feb 7, probably an album to be picked up to listen from the beginning to the end, and we are hopefully to see you guys somewhere soon, we will be performing the new songs along with the old Sepultura songs, we will have a very very unique show, so I’m looking forward to meet you all at our shows

MHF Magazine/Keith Clement