Interview With Myles Kennedy Of Alter Bridge

Interview With Myles Kennedy Of Alter Bridge

It was a great honor to speak with the amazing Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge, The Band from Orlando, Florida. The band are Myles Kennedy on Vocals, Mark Tremonti on Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Brian Marshall on Bass and Scott Phillips on Drums. They recently released their new album Walk The Sky which is already on the top of the charts.

Good Afternoon Myles, the great one, how are you doing today?

Hey man, doing good, how are you


Walk the Sky was out recently, how do you feel about this album?


It is so happy and exciting and happy to be back

This album is bit different from the early Alter Bridge albums, are you going on a change?


We wanted something unique and change always do good, so we did mix some 80s sync and stuff.


What is the one song that you liked so much in this album?


It would be In The Deep


You are starting your European tour in a few weeks along with Sevendust and Shinedown, how does it feel to go on this?

Man its going to be amazing and really looking forward to this.


What are the next plans of the band?


After the European tour will be touring the states and got to wait for the next, Keep checking it out.


What is the best thing that ever happened in your life?


Playing with the amazing and legendary Jimmy Page, nothing compares to it.


What is the one country you want to play?


I want to visit Egypt and see around, this country has a great civilization and lot to learn and yes I would love to play in front of the fans.

Do you have a message for the fans?


Absolutely, we are so happy to be back and play for you, see you guys around.


Thanks Myles for the time, it was  a great pleasure and honor to speak with you today, have a good day!


Thanks man, you as well


MHF Magazine/Keith Clement