MetalSucks Premieres HATH’s Upcoming Album ‘All That Was Promised’

MetalSucks has premiered All That Was Promised, the forthcoming album from New Jersey Blackened Death Metallers HATHStream the album in its entirety at the link below!

HATH will release sophomore full-length album All That Was Promised on March 4 via Willowtip Records.


“This record stomps, swings, and froths at a steady and self-indulgent pace, enjoying its emotionality without ever losing its destructive power.”

  • MetalSucks

“All That Was Promised is a phenomenal release from one of the most exciting young bands around.” (9.5/10).

  • Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

“HATH channel skull crushing heaviness and esoteric darkness into a maddening vortex.”

  • Metal Injection

“The electrifying energy and songwriting is just out of this world. Drenched with originality and creativity.” (9.5/10)

  • Metal Purgatory Media

“If Of Rot and Ruin was Hath showing their teeth, All That Was Promised is the band ripping you apart. Neck breaking brilliance.” (4.5/5)

  • Metal Epidemic

“All That Was Promised comes with some lofty expectations, but it still manages to exceed the ideals dreamed up for it and deliver another exciting dose of extremity.” (9.5/10)

  • Dead Rhetoric

“The band haven’t just gotten faster/stronger/heavier, they’ve also taken great strides towards developing their own unique voice.”

  • No Clean Singing

“An absolute banger of a record and it stands mighty as a devastating and monolithic kind of metal experience.”

  • Everything is Noise “Mixing aggressive and varied musicianship with crisp production and top-notch songwriting, HATH have produced a terrific sophomore effort that will please many a fan of extreme metal.” (4.5/5)
  • The Independent Voice

“A cohesive, powerful package of stellar tracks and impressive songwriting vision, All That Was Promised is Hath cementing themselves firmly at the forefront of modern metal.”

  • Noob Heavy

“These four gentleman have just made a statement to the death metal scene that they are here to stay. An absolute force to be reckoned with.”

  • Vox & Hops

“I cannot stress enough just how much of a rarity Hath is with two back-to-back wonders that are outright defining for the kind of excellence we’re dealing with here. Viciousness, energy, and ethereal intoxication.”

  • Head-Banger Reviews

“They have become a bigger beast than they were before and are now very much greater than the sum of their individual parts.” (8.5/10)

  • Metal Noise

“The music is genius.”

  • Grimm Gent

“The band manages to combine progressiveness and Blackened Death Metal and always knows how to give the songs a certain degree of catchiness. The second Hath album comes out of the speakers with power and force.”

  • Metal Only

“This is cutting edge, atonal world shaking stuff, the kind of record that you keep returning to and finding new subtleties underneath each layer.”

  • The Killchain

“Since its very beginnings, Hath only has positive feedback. The reason is that their crushing melting of Black, Death and Prog elements sweeps everything on its way. All That Was Promised will be no exception to the rule.” (95/100)

  • Acta Infernalis

“They’ve not at all pulled back the reigns on the double LP-sized experience of ‘All That Was Promised‘, a more complex and expressive journey through the existentially fraught self which refocuses upon atmosphere and thicker layering as well-chosen points of excess.”

  • Grizzly Butts

HATH previously announced the upcoming U.S. tour with COGNITIVE! Scroll down for tour poster.

All That Was Promised follows the 2019 critically acclaimed Willowtip album
Of Rot and Ruin. The band released the following statement concerning the new album:

“All That Was Promised was our first time writing as a 4-piece, and we feel like we’ve further developed who we are as a band. We set out to expand on what we did on our previous releases, experimenting with more varied sounds and new ideas, but we wanted this record to be more direct and cohesive. In the end, we ended up with an album that’s darker and more punishing than we expected.

It’s important to us to grow and learn, but without losing sight of what we do best. The content on this album is more personal and introspective, with songs about enduring change and all the promises made to us in life, broken and otherwise.”

Track Listing:

  1. The Million Violations
  2. Kenosis [Official Video]
  3. Lithopaedic [Official Video]
  4. Iosis
  5. Decollation
  6. Death Complex
  7. Casting of the Self
  8. All That Was Promised
  9. Name Them Yet Build No Monument

Album Credits:

Engineered and mixed by AJ Viana at AJ Viana Productions
Additional editing: Tiago “Canadas” Carvalho
Produced by Hath
Music by Hath
Lyrics by Frank Albanese

Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Mastering

Artwork by Adam Burke for Nightjar Illustration