NEPTUNE releases “The Rebirth”

The melodic metal band NEPTUNE releases the 22 of April ENEMIES – the first single from the band’s upcoming EP – THE REBIRTH.

NEPTUNE is a band with roots in the 80’s with two full-length albums and an EP previously released. The band is now in the process of looking back at their heyday in the 80’s and is releasing 4 of their older songs in new versions. These songs will be released digitally with a 3-week interval, and the first one out is the song ENEMIES… which is also the song that made the band reunite almost 4 years ago.

When the band chose to put the instruments on the shelf in the 80’s, a small number of demo cassettes circulated among collectors. In the early 2000s, the compilation album – “Metal Knights – The Resurgence of Swedish Steel” was released without the band’s knowledge and the song ENEMIES was included on that album. This album was distributed among collectors and 15 years after the band had closed down, collectors began to look for more music from NEPTUNE. These collectors managed to dig out more songs along the way and finally these were spread on YouTube… and the rest is history.

The band are Jonas Wikström – Drums, Anders Olsson – guitar, Row Alex – vocal, Tosh Ason – bass, Johan Rosth – keyboard.