Old Lamp Continues With Sergio Murillo’s Daughter on Vocals

The band OLD LAMP has the immense satisfaction of communicating to friends, fans and producers, that we will continue our work, continuing all the work we had started there in 2019, and continuing the legacy of the one who was our spokesperson during that time, the great Front Man Sérgio Murillo.

Who will replace him will be none other than IZABELLA MASCARENHAS, the singer’s own daughter, who will take a break from her musical career to dedicate herself to the band’s work. We from the band OLD LAMP just have to thank our audience for all the support that has followed us until today, and we are sure that we will continue with this partnership firm and strong.

Listen to Last Single With Sérgio Murillo “Lame Ass”:

About Old Lamp

Rock band was formed in 2019, in Fortaleza – Ceará – Brazil, when Ricardo Nobre Jr. convinced the former partner of the band Daffne, Sérgio Murillo, who was away from the stage, to return to play.

The name Old Lamp means old lamp and was chosen by the duo. The idea for the name came from the realization that the old duo still composed music, even after this hiatus that lasted almost 30 years. And it was for this reason that the phrase: “The old lamp still lights up!”

With the partnership of bassist Robson Serra, who created the band’s logo, and with the arrival of drummer Franzé Batera and, later, guitarist Raul Ponte, this rock band will definitely add material to the original music scene. Today, the band Old Lamp already has more than 80 compositions in just 2 years of formation.

In 2022 the band suffered a blow with the premature death of its front man Sérgio Murillo and announced that it will resume activities with his daughter Izabella Mascarenhas

Izabella Mascarenhas – vocals and guitar;
Ricardo Nobre Jr. – guitar;
Jota Bastos – contrabass;
Alberto Silva – drums