Seven Kingdoms – Empty Eyes Album Review

Seven Kingdoms – Empty Eyes

Album Review By Rainer Kerber

I’ve known Seven Kingdoms for a few years now. I was able to experience the band live in Hamburg in 2014. Later I met singer Sabrina Cruz again at the Metal Female Voices Fest in Belgium. Seven Kingdoms were founded in DeLand, Florida in 2007. Back then, Bryan Edwards was still at the microphone. In the same year the debut “Brothers Of The Night” was released. Two years later, Sabrina Valentine joined the band. In 2010 the first album with the new singer was released. It was followed by two more albums and one EP. The previous highlight of the work is probably “Decennium“, which was released for the tenth anniversary of the band. A few days ago, the second EP “Empty Eyes” with five songs, was released. The band has produced and released this EP on its own. Funding was provided through a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

Already the opener and title track “Empty Eyes” I had to hear surprised several times. For me, Seven Kingdoms stood and stand for mercilessly advancing Speed Metal. So, you could hear that two years ago on “Decenium”. Here, however, the musicians from the sunshine state of Florida show their melodic, almost soulful side. A beautiful mid-tempo anthem at the beginning, with an amazing guitar solo. Of course, the little whirlwind Sabrina Cruz can again score with her powerful voice. Even “Monster” is hardly faster. Here, at least at times, the speed metal roots are suggested, e.g. at the obligatory guitar solo. But for the most part, the song is a classic Power Metal rammer. Not to mention here are the angry growls. But do not worry, “The Water Dance” is more akin to the early years. But here, too, there is an extremely melodic chorus in addition to the Speed Metal riffs. Seven Kingdoms have often proven in the past that they can also celebrate great power ballads. With “Valonquar” they succeeded again impressively. Eyes closed! Lighters on! Finally, the musicians have adapted a hard rock classic. In the original “Barracuda” comes from their compatriots Heart. I admit, I cannot decide which of the two versions I like better. Certainly, the vocals of Ann Wilson are hard to beat. But in instrumentation, the cover version is my favorite.

Did Seven Kingdoms grow up in the twelfth year of their existence? It seems so. The compositions have matured. The arrangements are varied. In addition to Speed Metal crackers, there are also classic partially hymnic Power Metal to hear. The EP is crowned with a beautiful ballad. And yet the four new songs and the cover seem to be from one piece. I am already looking forward to the next album. Seven Kingdoms 2019 rulez!

Seven Kingdoms – Empty Eyes:


Sabrina Cruz – Vocals
Camden Cruz – Guitars
Kevin Byrd – Guitars
Keith Byrd – Drums
Tyler McDaniel – Bass

Label: Self released

Out: October 22nd, 2019

Playing time: 20:54

Track list:

  • Empty Eyes
  • Monster
  • The Water Dance
  • Valonquar
  • Barracuda

Rating : 9/10

MHF Magazine/Rainer Kerber