Swedish black metal act SCITALIS announce new album!

Swedish black metal act SCITALIS announce new album!

“Doomed Before Time” to be released May 13th on Vendetta Records

Photo by: S Lang

Following their debut EP “Awakening”, May 13th will see the release of “Doomed Before Time”, the brand new full-length offering by black metallers SCITALIS. Hailing from Umeå, Sweden, and coming your way through the hands of Vendetta Records, the band’s upcoming album offers 8 tracks of soul-devouring and pure black metal. Pitch black in its features and presented through a powerful production, “Doomed Before Time” is an album that once again speaks for the quality of Northern European purveyors of the dark arts that we have all come to know and value.

The prospective of time and suffering in a man’s way of struggle. To slithering in sins, in a desperate way.” -A

Tracklist reads as follows:

01. Eye Ov Leviathan

02. Serpent

03. Slithering In Sins 

04. Above

05. Seen By Blind Eyes 

06. Doomed Before Time 

07. Absent

08. Beneath

The album was recorded at Malmerproductions Umeå in 2021 with mixing and mastering by Max Malmer. Stunning cover artwork and album layout by Coen A. (iH8Art) and Cathal Hughes.

“Doomed Before Time” will be coming out on vinyl, CD and cassette with pre-orders starting soon.

Stay tuned for more news and tunes to follow in the days ahead!

A – Vocals and bass
S – Lead and rhythm guitar
J – Drums 

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