Swedish garage rock outfit UPPLOPPET’s have released a video for their song “Golden Eyes”.

The band comments: “The song is somehow flirting with all subgenres of rock music with everything from poprock to fast punkrock with a nice chorus to sing along with even if you don’t really know the lyrics!

The song is about buttering up to people to try to earn something you don’t deserve. But in the end you end up with nothing and everything is taken away from you. It’s somewhat a request to people to be real and honest about themselves.

Hope you enjoy this garage session that we rocked this banger out for you!”

UPPLOPPET will record a new album on The Sign Records in the near future

UPPLOPPET is the latest addition to the scandirock Mount Rushmore, with influences hailing from titans such as Gluecifer, MC5, Union Carbide Productions and many more. This just goes to show you that this band stomps all over rock n’ roll history with its own twist. The music represents the dangerous side of rock. With no prisoners being held, a raw attitude and a live show like no other, UPPLOPPET is pulling the torch from the fists of the old geezer’s that once held it.

The band has already gone through the DIY process, recording several EP’s in their rehearsal space in the outskirts of Gothenburg, Sweden. Their latest DYI release ”You Wish This Was Live” (mixed by Tomas Skogsberg) put them on the face of the rock scene in their city. Without having to put out a full length LP, the band has already visited the outer parts of Europe and are now planning their next step to conquer the earth. UPPLOPPET have previously released a bunch of raw digital singles and a split 7″ with Scumbag Millionaires.

With their latest single ”Golden Eyes” (recorded and mixed in Welfare Studios) the band shows once again that they are evolving and getting stronger as a unit. The Sign Records noticed when other oblivious labels were kept in the dark, so they took UPPLOPPET under their wings and released their single.

UPPLOPPET is now in the making of their debut album in Welfare Sounds, which surely is a recipe for total destruction on the music scene. Everyone, put your seatbelts on and stay tuned.

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